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7 Reasons To Drive From Vegas To Hualapi Ranch

3/04/2015Jake Ryan

So during my time spent in Las Vegas, like many before me I decided to jump in a car and head out towards the Grand Canyon. 

After travelling through the desert for hours, I eventually stopped at the Hualapai Ranch, a place where you stay overnight at the Grand Canyon. Sound awesome? It is. 

Grand Canyon West is privately owned by the Hualapi Tribe and you can spend the night with the cowboys making s'mores and talking around the camp fire. You get to spend the night in a rustic cabin facing the Canyon rim and with prices starting at $141 a night , you have no real reason for the Hualapi Ranch not to be on your bucket list. 

These are the 7 reasons you need to travel from Vegas to Hualapai Ranch at the Grand Canyon. 

In N Out
If you’ve ever been on Tumblr EVER you’ll have seen a picture of In-N-Out Burger. And you really shouldn’t ever leave a town that has an In-N-Out Burger without trying it at least once. And as you’re leaving Vegas you’ll spot a few rest stops that have an In-N-Out burger so make sure you factor in enough time in your journey for a trip to this famous burger restaurant. 

Hoover Dam
It’ll take you about 40 minutes from leaving Vegas before you arrive at the Hoover Dam. And honestly any respecting bucket list would have a trip to the Hoover Dam included. Now I’m not sure you would deliberately fly around the world to see this incredible structure. But when you’re nearby it is a must visit. 

The Road Side Stores
One of my absolute favourite things about road tripping through America is the stuff you find at the service stations and road side stores. Not only do you find interesting people and strange architects, but the ultimate find is…the FOOD! 
Strange Shit
What even is this? I don't know but finding strange stuff like this certainly makes the drive more interesting. 

The Villages
You’ll drive through some little towns and villages that almost don’t seem real…but apparently they’re. 

The Views From Your Window
This is the view I had from a bus to the Canyon that I jumped on, however the views throughout the entire journey are just as beautiful. 

The Ranch Is Awesome
You’ve finally arrived at the the Hualapai Ranch and you’re in for a incredible night. Spend the night at the ranch which is located at Grand Canyon West. The ranch is a great place to unwind and have some fun while you’re at it. Learn how to quick draw, ride horses, enjoy some cowboy entertainment and spend the night make s’mores with the cowboys.

Wake up the next morning and enjoy the sunrise above the Grand Canyon. 

Be sure to check out some images from my journey from Las Vegas to the Hualapi Ranch at Grand Canyon West.

Have you visited the Grand Canyon? How was your visit? Let me know by commenting below.

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