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5 Things To Remember When In London

5/30/2015Jake Ryan

It’s easy to quickly get caught up in everything that London has to offer, but they is a few things you need to remember when it comes to your time in the Capital. 

1 - The Underground Is King
No matter where you need to go in London, the underground will probably take you there…or within walking distance. Make sure you grab yourself an Oyster Card or a daily travel ticket during your time in London. 

2 - But Everything Is Closer Than You Think
HOWEVER...If you don’t plan on venturing too far out of the city centre, it might turn out that you don’t need a travel card at all. Everything in the London City Centre is a lot closer than you would be lead to believe. It’s more than likely that you could walk to most of the tourist attractions you plan on seeing, and the walk is much more exciting than sitting underground. 

3 - Expect To Queue…Everywhere
One of the first things I overheard after arriving in London was “British people love to queue” and as a British person I can tell you one thing…that’s simply not true. I fucking hate to queue! However when it comes to London…you’re going to queue for just about everything…from your food to your show tickets. 

4 - A Black Cab Will Cripple Your Finances 
You’ll see black cabs driving around the city, and you might be tempted to throw your arm in the air and take a cab to your next tourist attraction…however if you do this, be prepared to skip your coffee, your lunch, your evening meal and your next 3 mortgage payments because those black cabs are horribly overpriced. 

5 - That You Don’t Want To Leave Without Eating At Borough Market
I don’t know how, but until my most recent visit to London, I had never actually visited Borough Market…what the hell had I been doing with my life. Borough Market is like heaven for anyone who loves food…and who doesn't love food? Exactly! Food from around the world, you’ll be sure to find something that impresses those taste buds of yours. And don’t worry, the dessert options are pretty incredible too. 

Are you planning a trip to London? 
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  1. Why do people think British people like to queue? Who likes waiting in line for anything?


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