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A Walk Through London Zoo

6/15/2015Jake Ryan

At the end of May I took a trip to London Zoo (again) This was my third visit to the Zoo in as many years, and yet I still have not had a disappointing trip.

I arrived later than usual at around 12pm (I normally show up first thing) and was met with a 25/30 minute queue, I didn't like the idea of queuing but what else can you expect from one of the worlds most popular cities? Once inside you'll find a large selection of Animals and Exhibitions. My favourite being the "In With The..." where you step inside the cages with the animals themselves. 
How To Get There
I personally always take the Tube to Camden Town, then walk from there. The walk is interesting and doesn't take too long. If walking isn't for you, you can find all the ways to get to the Zoo by checking the official website out here

Ticket Prices
When you get to the paying desk you'll be asked if you want to make a voluntary donation, if you answer yes (like I did) your ticket price on the gate will cost you £27.00. Without the donation you'll pay £24.30

If you buy your tickets online in advance you'll save yourself a couple of ££ and pay £25.00 with the donation and £22.50 without. 

The Best Bits - The "In With The" Exhibits. 

The 'In With The' exhibits where you enter the cages and walk with the animals themselves. 

In With The Lemurs - Gets you up close and personal with the Lemurs. This 'Walk In With' exhibit is one of the best because of how friendly and interested the Lemurs are in the public. They seem just as interested in us as we're with them. They don't shy away from being the centre of attention.

The Two Bird Cages - I'm a bird lover so these cages where always going to be a favourite of mine. 

The Butterfly Walk Way - This is an excellent walk way where you walk among some beautiful and giant butterflies, however it was disappointing to see kids literally running around and trying to grab hold of the butterflies as I did notice a few dead on the floor :(

Meet The Monkeys - This was incredible to watch the monkeys jump around literally right in front of me...however as usual you'll always find one person who ruins it. As I watched one fully grown man think it was okay to hit one of these beautiful animals. Yet I'm sure he would of been quick to complain had the monkey bit him afterwards.

In With The Spiders - Now this is not an enclosure to enter if you're afraid of spiders...so I'm not sure why the woman in front of me did. She spent the entire time walking around screaming every time she spotted a spider. 

To me, it was interesting to see the spiders up close and marvel at the incredible webs they make. 

Obviously the Zoo has much more on offer with a huge selection of great attractions and daily events such as, Early Birds, Penguin Feedings, Tigers Live, Animal In Action, Lemurs Live and many more.

Find a list of all the daily events on the London Zoo website 

Check out some of the images from my day at the Zoo below 

And just outside the Zoo

Are you planning a trip to London Zoo? Let me know by commenting below.

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