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Falling In Love With Borough Market

6/09/2015Jake Ryan

During my time in London this month I did a lot of stuff I had done in previous visits to London, however one thing that was definitely new to me was Borough Market. I'm not sure how I visited London so many times without taking a trip to Borough Market but it happened. 

Borough Market offers a selection of British and International food options over 70 stalls. The market is usually very busy and you can quickly get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all, but what else would you expect from an original London market? 

Make sure you don't visit with an empty wallet because once you've sampled some of this incredible food, you'll be buying more to take home with you. 

Check out some the pictures I took during my recent visit

Have you visited Borough Market? What food did you sample?
Get involved and comment below. 

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  1. I went in February and had the most amazing white chocolate and raspberry ice cream.. there were so many cute Valentines themed treats!

    1. Ah, no Valentines themed treats this time (I suppose I was 4 months too late)...but some great food nonetheless.


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