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The Monument to the Great Fire of London

6/06/2015Jake Ryan

The Monument to the Great Fire of London might not be something you had planned during your time in London and I’m here to tell you that, that would be a huge mistake. Tucked away between some high rise office buildings it’s possible you could walk right by the Monument without even realising what a fantastic experience you’re missing out on. 

But if you create a little time to climb to the top of the Monument you’ll be treating yourself to a few things…

1 - Experiencing a piece of London history. 
2 - Stunning views of London
3 - You’ll get some exercise
4 - A certificate on exit

A bit more on the Monument. 

How Many Stairs Are There? 
311!! Yup. And you’ll have to walk up each and everyone of them. The Monument doesn’t have a lift and you’ll be sharing the small spiral staircase with the people who’re coming down from the top of the Monument too. But be sure that once you get to the top, it’ll be 100 % worth it. 

How Much Will It Cost?
Just £4. And if you book it with the Tower Bridge Exhibition, you get the two attractions for just £10.

When’s It Open?
Daily between 9:30 and 5:30. 

Is it worth the visit?

If you don’t mind the climb to the top, the visit to the Monument is definitely worth visiting. 

Where can I find it? 
You'll find the Monument on Fish Hill Street in London. If you have Google Maps handy on your smart phone then use post code EC3R 8AH to find the correct location.

Check out some pictures I took of my visit to the Monument last week. 

Have you visited the Monument? How was your visit?

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  1. Love your photos! Can't wait to put this on my list for my next trip to London :)



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