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How To Plan For Your USA Road Trip

7/10/2015Jake Ryan

So as we creep closer and closer to my USA Road Trip I thought now seemed the perfect time to throw a post together about planning for the perfect USA trip. A road trip across the States is top of many bucket lists, however when it comes down to actually booking and planning the trip, things can become a little exhausting, but having the trip well planned before you visit will make your time away a lot less stressful. 

These are a few of the things you should consider before you jet off.
Plan A Starting And Finishing Point
Give your trip some structure, by knowing exactly where you’ll start and where you’ll finish. You’ll also save yourself money by booking your return flight in advance, rather than buying a ticket at the airport on your return date. 

Know Where You Want To Go
I know the excitement of a road trip is just hitting the open road and seeing where you end up, however I always find it best to have a list of places you know you’ll definitely want to visit. So pull out a USA map and mark on it everywhere you want to visit along the way. How about having a destination that you want to reach each night? So that each day has a little structure too?

Plan How You’re Going To Get Around
I know this is a road trip…but if you’re wanting to see both sides of America, then it might be worth considering jumping on a flight at some point throughout your trip. It’s also worth considering if you can find a cheaper option of transport too, rather than driving. I found that I could get from Orlando to New Orleans for as little as $5 by taking a coach next month….now it’s a 13 hour coach journey and I’ll miss the stops along the way. But imagine how much I’m saving in fuel? 

Decide Where You’re Going To Sleep
If you took my previous advice and made the decision to have a destination in mind each night, it’s possible you can pre book your accommodation for the night. You’ll usually find it cheaper to book your rooms in advance and you won’t have to worry about spending the night on the back seat of your car. 

Decide How Much Cash You’ll Need..And Stick To It
Budgeting on vacation is always important, and when you’re road tripping it’s vital. A road trip can come with a lot of hidden costs you didn’t originally expect, and food on the go can quickly add up. 

How about using this budget calculator to make sure you have a reasonable budget for your trip.

And my last tip....

Just enjoy every last second. 

Have you got a road trip planned? Where are you heading?

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