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Swamp Tours In New Orleans

10/02/2015Jake Ryan

Last month during a trip to New Orleans I teamed up with LiveryTours to take a Gator/Swamp Tour. For some time now I’ve always wanted to experience a swamp tour. I’ve seen several posts online in the past and the images that accompany the posts are always incredible. 
Booking through LiveryTours you’ll find several options for Swamp Tours. I went with the smaller Airboat Adventures tour. Although you pay more for this experience, it’s definitely worth the extra few $. You’ll find yourself in a smaller and more agile airboat and get up close and personal with the alligators. 

You’ll make your way through the most beautiful scenery and spot some incredible wildlife during your 2 hour experience. Your guide will keep you updated throughout the tour, stopping the boats as you look out into the incredible swamp, searching for alligators and other wildlife. 

Our guide even spent some time to feed the alligators some marshmallows over the side of the boat (he will explain why he uses marshmallows during the tour) Watching a gator jump up to snap a marshmallow off a stick mere metres from my face was an incredible experience. 

Check out some of the shots from my visit :D

Have you ever taken an airboat adventure? How was your trip? 

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