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The Ride : NYC

12/02/2015Jake Ryan

So earlier this year I rode ‘The Ride’ in NYC. The latest coach tour of Manhattan.

The tour is advertised as Part Tour. Part Show and once you’ve taken a ride on ‘The Ride’ you’ll totally understand why. With floor to ceiling glass windows this is unlike any other tour bus you’ve ever encountered. The multi million dollar coaches have plasma TV screens and over 3000 LED lights. 

Soon after you set off on your journey your enthusiastic and hilarious hosts will have you laughing the entire journey as you move through the streets of Manhattan. Watch as the streets come alive with a collection of singing and dancing throughout your trip.

When I first read about ‘The Ride’ I wasn’t entirely sure if it was my sort of thing, but quickly after taking my seat I was laughing along with everyone else on board. I have seen a few reviews online stating ‘The Ride’ comes with a hefty price tag. And with a ticket setting you back $74 I can see where they’re coming from…HOWEVER I would state that this is worth it if you’re looking for a fun time in the city and something a little different. 

IF you’re looking for a more traditional NYC tour, the creators also offer a 90 minute tour cleverly titled ‘The Tour’ 

Learn more about The Ride on their website HERE

Will you be riding ‘The Ride’? 
Let me know in the comments. 

I Was Welcomed Onto 'The Ride' As A Guest But As Always My Opinions Are My Own

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