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Talking Travel With Justin Livingston

3/08/2016Jake Ryan

If you know of Justin Livingston, you’ll know he’s a highly successful blogger over at ScoutSixteen. Where he blogs about style, food, home and travel. 

Over the past year I have noticed through his Instagram account that Justin has been travelling more and more so I put 3 questions to Justin to find out about more about his jet setting. 

So anyone who has been following your blog over the last year will have seen you’ve visited some incredible places, but do you have a favourite destination? 
My favorite destination will forever be Paris. I know it's incredibly cliché but there is an energy and romance to Paris that is completely unrivaled in its European counterparts. I'm a big history buff and Paris offers a wealth of opportunities to soak up cultural, historical, and artistic knowledge.

What are your packing essentials?
I never travel without: chapstick, a blanket scarf, extra headphones, ziploc bags, and a bag of kettle-cooked potato chips (they're my favorite in-flight snack).

And one of the more important questions….what country would you say has the best food?
Of all the countries I've visited, I enjoyed the food in Ghana the most. The ingredients were out of my normal dietary comfort zone but the flavor and personality is immediately evident at first bite! One dish called Red Red was similar to the jambalaya I grew up on.

Be sure to follow Justin's journey on his Instagram account HERE

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