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5 Things I Want To Do In New York City That I Haven't Done Yet

6/27/2023Jake Ryan

So I've visited New York City several times, so when I visit again next month the city won't be new to me. However they will be plenty of things I have yet to experience that I haven't yet done. 

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As let's be honest, I am pretty sure every time you visit NYC a new building has popped up since your previous visit with a whole bunch of new things to experience. 

These are the 5 things I am wanting to do this summer in NYC. 

1. The Edge. 
I've done Top of the Rock, I've done Empire State and I have done the World Trade. So now it's time to see the view from The Edge. The Edge only opened in 2020. Meaning it wasn't there for me on my pre covid visit and this looks like it is one not too miss. Offering an incredible view across the city below you, from 100 floors up. With 360 degree views you'll be able to spot The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State, The World Trade Centre amongst hundreds of other incredible landmarks. 

2. Doors open Helicopter Ride.
Right okay so this one was available when I last visited, I just have no real reason for not doing it as this looks insane. FLYNYON will take you in the air and fly you around the most iconic sites of New York, but leave the doors open while they do it. So you can take in those incredible sites, with your legs hanging out the side of the helicopter. Probably one to miss if you are afraid of heights but this is definitely my kind of thing. 

3. Get the best Iced Coffee.
So I am new to drinking coffee. Yep, new to it. I know I've been missing out but time to catch up. So as I'll be visiting New York during the summer months, one thing I absolutely have to make sure I don't miss out on is those perfect looking Ice Coffees the city seems so famous for. If you have any suggestions for the best iced coffees in NYC, make sure you comment below the best ones. 

4. Watch a movie in Bryant Park
Only just recently heard bout this, but in the Monday's during the summer months. Bryant Park in association with Paramount+ put on a movie night in the park. Each week playing a different movie. What better setting could you want for a movie night than sat watching it, in a stunning NYC park, nice warm weather with a view of the Empire State Building in the distance. Sounds perfect to me!!
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5. Ride a boat in Central Park
This is one of them things I haven't even considered a thing, even though all my pictures of Central Park lake in summer is filled with row boats. You can rent a row boat on Central Park lake and row around for half an hour, catching the sun from on the water while looking at the tops of the incredible skyline of the buildings that line the edges of Central Park. Now if I can only get past the rage I have when trying to row a boat, this one would be amazing. 

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