Checking In, CocoBay Resort : Antigua.

5/02/2017Jake Ryan

When visiting Antigua in summer 2016, I wanted somewhere that would resemble paradise. And I almost found it at CocoBay Resort. 

As the car pulled up and I stepped into the lobby, I was quickly greeted with a glass of rum punch. Check in was quick and the staff were exceptionally friendly and I was quickly asked for our favourite drink so that a bottle could be sent up to the cottage. 

The hotel is made up of individual cottages, we had booked a Premium Waterfront Suite, these suites have oceanfront locations and larger interiors. Our cottage was the furthest one from the reception. Which was perfect for us, as it was completely private. (and had a guide situated nearby at the exterior fencing)

The premium waterfront suites not only have the best locations on the grounds offering unobstructed views of the ocean, but they each have their own plunge pools, minibar, outdoor bath tubs, hammocks and pretty much everything else you could need to settle into ‘relaxation mode’

The cottage was honestly so basic, yet so perfect. The cottages don’t come with a TV etc, but why would you need one? This is the place to sit back and relax. 

Included in your stay, guests can enjoy free water activities such as the use of Kayaks, paddleboard, snorkel gear and Hobie Cats. These are easily accessible, you simply head down to the pool bar and fill out a form to say what you’re booking and log the time you’re taking the equipment. 

The only criticism I have of my time at CocoBay is unfortunately some of the staff aren’t quite as friendly as you’d come to expect when paying such a high price for a relaxing stay. The first problem is when you try to get a drink because it seems, if you’re not American…you’re not entirely welcome. I experienced this at pretty much everyone of the bars at some point. They seem to favour the American guests, I also noted this in somebody else's review so this is not just me being paranoid

Another example is when I headed to the pool bar to sample the panini’s they have on offer (which start at 12:30). I arrived at 12:29 and asked Keva for a Panini. I was told they don’t start until 12:30. Seems pretty petty but okay. So I took a seat and watched as Keva pulled out her personal mobile phone. She sat texting and ignoring me until 12:34 when she caught me stirring at her.

“yes?” she bluntly asks. 


She bends down and pulls one straight out the fridge from next to her and puts it in the machine…REALLY!? Couldn’t have done that at 12:29?

With that in mind, the staff in the restaurant, the staff at reception and the staff in the gift shop really go above and beyond to make your stay the ultimate vacation. 

Big shout out to Nasasha, who was one of the most helpful members of the team. The care and commitment she puts into making sure each guest has an enjoyable stay goes above and beyond what you come to expect. Often going out of her way to make sure things were perfect for us. 

Other perks of CocoBay are, 2 swimming pools, the wellness deck where you can get yourself a massage or a variety of other spa treatments and the Sheer Rocks restaurant located nearby. 

All in all, this was a near perfect experience. I would recommend booking direct with the hotel to get the best deal, and pay more for the waterfront suites. You won’t regret it.

Have you visited CocoBay? 
How was your visit?

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