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5 Reasons Friends Gave You An Unrealistic View Of New York City

2/17/2015Jake Ryan

First of all before we go any further…DO NOT take this as a post bashing Friends, Friends has always been my favourite TV show and I’ve seen every episode about 432 times. 

However with that being said, if you have grown to love ‘Friends’ then you might love the idea of living the life of these 6 Friends living in New York City, but they’re a few things you should know first. These are 5 reasons 'Friends' gave you an unrealistic view of NYC.

1 - You CAN'T Afford An Apartment That Size
Seriously, unless you find yourself a very, very well paid job. You aren’t getting an apartment of that size. (unless you’re as lucky as Monica and sublet it from your Grandma. Got to love rent control)

2 - You Actually WILL Have To Go To Work 
Do these guys ever work? Yeah we get the odd scene of the guys in their respected work places, but for the most parts these guys are living the life in their million dollar apartment. But in reality if you're living in New York, it's safe to say you'll spend most of your time working. 

3 - Everyone Is Pretty
Seriously…has anyone in a Friends episode ever been ugly?
Wait...I Just remembered....'Fat Ugly Naked Guy' 

4 - You CAN'T Afford To Have A Social Life
If you’re living in New York don’t expect to be able to eat and drink out each and every single day. You’ll more likely going to be eating like a student everyday. Let alone spend $1000 on a cat. 


5 - You CAN'T Always Get A Seat In A Cafe
Imagine being able to get a seat in your favourite cafe every single day? Probably not going to happen, let alone the same seat day in day out. 

With all that being said, it's still the best show. Catch all the episodes with this Season 1-10 Box Set

photo credit: Central Perk via photopin (license)

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  1. You definitely couldn't afford to have a social life and eat out at cafes with an apartment their size! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

  2. Bahahaha so true. I lived in New York for four years during college, and I just kept hoping that one day we'd find the loft and live happily ever after...


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