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Top 5 Secret Spots In New York City

6/19/2016Jake Ryan

New York is quite possibly the most famous city in the world. Although at first glance it seems like every inch of it has been explored, on closer inspection, you will find that New York is actually filled with hidden gems and forgotten treasures that even native New Yorker's don't know exist.

To help you discover them for yourself, here is my list of the top 5 secret spots in New York that you won't find in the guidebooks.


Hidden amongst office buildings on East 53rd Street is an unexpected piece of history. Going largely unnoticed by most who pass by, it is in fact five sections of the Berlin Wall. 12 feet high and 20 feet long, the western side is a vivid mural created by artists Thierry Noir and Kiddy Citny while the Eastern side is left as a blank concrete slab that acts as a stark reminder of the political oppression that East-Berliners faced during the Cold War. Situated within Paley Park, a stunning oasis with ivy covered wall and a waterfall; it is well worth a visit.



Next on my list of NYC secrets are the beautiful Central Park waterfalls. While there are five in total, if you ask most tourists, they don't even realise they exist. Even better, as they are so hidden, they are some of the most romantic and tranquil spots in the whole park. My favourite hands down is the beautiful 'Lochs' fall in the Northern end of the park (enter from the west side of the park at 102nd Street) surrounded by flowing rivers and beautiful greenery. One of the best afternoons I have ever spent in the park when I went on a hunt to locate them all.



Along the Harlem River sits the only part of Manhattan that remains completely untouched; Manhattan Forest. Officially known as Inwood Hill Park, vestiges of prehistoric Old New York are still evident in the 196 acres of valleyscavesforest and natural salt marsh. With modern conveniences intermingled with natural beauty, I love nothing more than hiring a bike, cycling the Hudson River Bike Trail and finishing up with a BBQ in the communal barbecue areaA great place if you truly want to escape the concrete jungle.


Another hidden gem in NYC is the Elevated Acre located within the Financial District at 55 Water st. Tucked way between two office buildings, an elevator will whisk you up to a lawned area nestled between the skyscrapers. Housing a seven-tiered amphitheatreBrazilian hardwood boardwalk and a 50ft light sculpture, it also affords magnificent views of the Brooklyn Bridge and skyline. It is basically a more exclusive version of the High Line. The last time I went, our group ended up being the only ones there, and having brought food with us, we had an amazing picnic whilst soaking up the sun and stunning views.



The last secret spot on my list is La Plaza Cultural Armando Perez; a community garden that has served the surrounding neighbourhoods for over 25 year. A real unsung hero, it is a unique outlet for theatredanceculture and art and hosts a diverse range of activities throughout the year from lawn yoga to film festivals. One of my favourite parts of the garden is its fence, that for the past decade has been decorated with flowers made from various recycled materials. Including old tin cans, detergent bottles, and beer caps; it's fascinating to try and work out what they originally were. 


What are your secret spots in New York? Drop me a comment below.

 Photo Credits
 Paley Park: photo credit: michaeltk via photopin cc  edited by Emme
Elevated Acre:photo credit: M.Ortiz Gallery via photopin cc  edited by Emme

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