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A Day At Malham Cove

2/11/2017Jake Ryan

Late last year I asked my Instagram followers for tips on places to visit in the UK. 

A few mentioned Malham Cove, so I Googled and liked what I saw, so the next day I jumped in the car and headed straight to Malham

Malham Cove is located 0.6 miles north of the village of Malham, North Yorkshire.

Arriving near the Visitor Centre, I parked up in the car park across the street, handed over my £5 parking charge and headed towards the cove...passing the free car park right across the road. Great :/ 

As I arrived near the cove I spotted a bunch of other explorers, climbers and photographers. I spent some time admiring the site before taking the steps to the top. 

When you reach the top, you find the Limestone pavement which has been used in various films, including Harry Potter. 

The hike up isn't too difficult, however ascending in Chelsea Boots on a hot summers day WITHOUT water was most definitely a bad decision as you won't find anywhere to buy water (or ice cream) once up there. 

These are some of the shots I captured that day. 

Have you visited Malham Cove? 
How was your visit?

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