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Climbing Into The Crown : Statue Of Liberty

3/10/2017Jake Ryan

Last month I climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty and took a look out of her crown, something that not a lot of tourists in New York City seem to do. I’m guessing the reason for this is their lack of pre planning. As getting a ticket to the top of the crown needs to be booked roughly 3 months in advance. But planning and booking early will be worth it 3 months down the line, when you’re stood looking out of the crown of one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. 

I know, I know, booking three months is excessive, but this is New York and people line up 2 hours for Cookie Dough, so 3 months for crown tickets seems about right. 

Only 240 people per day are granted crown tickets, which explains the long waiting list. And the fact that only 240 people are allowed up to the top each day makes the experience 100 times better, as it means you’ll probably be one of a few people up at the top at any given time (as not everyone will visit at the same time, and when pre-booking, you get a time slot) And when inside the crown, space is limited, so being up there with as few people as possible is definitely beneficial. 

Oh and FYI, the climb to the top is 354 steps up a tiny spiral staircase (or the equivalent to 20 stories, whatever sounds worse) so make sure you’re prepared for that when planning your trip. 

This is definitely bucket list worthy and coming in costing less than $30 it’s most certainly affordable. You can grab your tickets for the crown at the Statue of Liberty Website HERE

Check out some of my photos taken during my time at Liberty Island and from the crown and Pedestal. 

Are you planning a trip to New York?
 Would you climb to the top of the crown?
 Let me know below. 

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