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Visiting The Batu Caves

5/21/2017Jake Ryan

During my time in Kuala Lumpur I headed out the Batu Caves. The caves are easily accessed from the city centre by train or taxi. However I booked onto a tour before arriving through Viator. I paid roughly £8 for the trip, and it included collection from my hotel in Kuala Lumpur. 

Arriving at the caves, I headed straight up the stairs. Climbing 272 stairs in hot, humid weather is as disgusting as you’d expect. However when you get to the top, it’s worth every step. Along the way you’ll encounter some wild monkeys, who will happily pose for your photos. However if you have any food on you, just know that the monkeys are going to take it. 

Be sure to make sure you’re dressed appropriately as otherwise you will not be welcome in the caves. 

I took some photos during my time at the caves, check out some of my favourites. 

Have you visited? 
How was your trip?

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  1. Nice post with great photos to company, keep sharing please

  2. Wow! This place is breathtaking. I am adding the Batu caves to my bucket list right now, Jake!

  3. For me, it is one of my favorite place to travel in Thailand, thanks for sharing it with us.
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