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Dining Out With The Cake App

9/06/2017Jake Ryan

I recently spent a couple of weeks in London and during my time there I tried out The CAKE App

The CAKE App is a payment and reward app that lets you pay for your food using your mobile phone meaning you don’t have to waste time waiting around at the end of your meal. CAKE also allows you to find nearby restaurants, book a table, easily split the bill and earn credit back on the meals you pay for. 

Before you decide where you want to eat for the night, you can open up The Cake App and use the Explore page to find a restaurant near you. The app will list any restaurants that are nearby, you can also use the search button to find a favourite of yours. 

(You can see all the restaurants that accept CAKE as payment HERE)

I took this screenshot after leaving London, hence the reason every restaurant is so far away.

When you find where you want to eat, it's time to book a table. This can also be easily done within the app. Hit book, select your time and your table can be booked right there within the app so you can arrive later in the evening without worrying you won't get a table. 

I booked a table at Cattle & Co so I headed down to Cattle & Co located near to Kings Cross to use The CAKE App for the first time. Upon arriving I asked if it was okay to use the CAKE app to pay and they had no problems, the staff seemed to know a lot about the app too. 

(When you arrive at the restaurant, you need to open a tab within the app. This is simple and can be completed in about 3 clicks. After this you just let your waiter know that you want to pay using CAKE and then enjoy your meal as usual.)
The App can also give you directions to the restaurant if it's your first time there. 

I opened a tab for the meal and sat and enjoyed my meal. After I had finished, it was soon the moment of truth. Using CAKE for the first time. When you need to pay, you just need to let your waiter know your tab number and then you’ll be able to see your entire bill on your phone. From here you can decide if you would like to split the bill or pay for it entirely. Perfect for those lunches with friends when no one really knows how much they need to pay. After you’ve settled your bill, you also have the ability to earn credit back on the food you’ve just paid for. Check before you book a table, but certain restaurants offer up to 20% credit back for eating at their establishments. And the credit you make back can be used in any restaurant that accepts CAKE

Paying with CAKE was an absolute breeze, and was over in seconds and I’d recommend it highly to anyone living or visiting London. You can also find an in-app contact page which is extremely helpful. I used it after using the wrong payment method (I used my credit card rather than the credit I already had in the app and wondered if this could be refunded and charged from my credit) and I had a reply within 10 minutes, even though I sent my message at about 8pm on a Friday night and the next day I had an email confirming the change I requested had been put through. 

I found the whole experience brilliant and the customer service is incredible, if you’re visiting London anytime soon be sure to download CAKE and use referral code RDAVI23 to get £5 FREE credit. 




Want more information on The Cake App? Check out their site

Make sure you comment below and let me know
 how you get on with The Cake App. 

I Partnered with The Cake App for this post. But as always opinions are entirely my own. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing cake app. In coming weekend i am going out for dinner with my wife and i am going to use and And will save lots of money by ordering pasta with all types of pasta sauce. Keep finding new things for us. Stay blessed.


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