Unboxing My Male Inspiration Hamper

10/16/2017Jake Ryan

So it’s October already (I’m not sure how as I’m pretty sure yesterday was January the 1st), but it’s getting colder and cosier as each day passes and I want to leave my house less and less in October which is why when I recently received my Male Inspiration Hamper from Social Network Solutions I spent an entire day going through the entire hamper and planning how and when I’d use each product. 

I’m going to give you a break down of the brands and products I received in the hamper and hopefully give you some Christmas shopping inspiration. 

One of the first items I pulled from the hamper was my Panda T shirt from ‘Curartee’. Curartee are a Cornwall based t shirt company that print all t shirts in house meaning all t shirts are quality checked before shipping. 

I received the ‘All you need is love’ t shirt designed by Balazs Solti. You can shop all his t shirt designs and art prints here

The t shirt is of great quality and looks great when worn, I’ve already had requests from the wife that she wants it for herself. 

As someone who hates shaving, anytime I can find a razor that makes the process easier I’m all for it. And that’s exactly what Cornerstone have done. Cornerstone not only deliver your razor straight to your door, they'll engrave it for you and they’ll even offer you a full refund if you don't love your first Cornerstone shave. 

Cornerstone blades are machined by German engineers to stay sharper and although I’ve only used the razor a couple of times so far you can really feel the quality of a Cornerstone blade compared to a normal blade. The blades are mounted on a flexible head and make shaving a more comfortable experience than most usual razors I have used. 

Pro Teeth Whitening 
I’ve read many times about the power of using Charcoal powders for whitening your teeth but never quite got around to purchasing some for myself so I was really pleased to see this powder featured in the hamper. 

I started using the powder right away and my teeth immediately felt a lot cleaner. Although I haven’t yet noticed a change in colour, I put this down to not using the charcoal for long enough yet but all the reviews I have seen on their site here for the product are all really great so I am expecting to see some good results soon. 

The charcoal is 100% natural and vegan friendly. The charcoal is safe on enamel which is something I was worried about at first so I was glad to see this. 

Skincare Industries
I’m not getting any younger, so now is the time I should be settling for a skincare brand that I love. I’m hoping that brand might be Skincare Industries. 

I received the Bio - Intelligent Eye Contour Cream which is formulated with Bio-intelligent Micro ingredients and dehydrated and cross linked hyaluronic acid microspheres with exclusive performances. Effectively fighting the signs of ageing and combating those dark circles and bags under the eyes we all hate. (this is good news to me, who gets about 3 hours sleep a night)

Finding the right cover for your iPhone/iPad is never an easy task, but that task is a little easier now thanks for Kovered. Inspired by nature, Kovered design and create cases that combine natural materials while creating a unique and timeless design. 

Kovered started their journey on Etsy providing phone cases, but sales quickly grew and Kovered branched out into other products such as tablet covers and bags, built their own site and the rest is history. 

Kovered also have strong ethics and believe in giving back as the company grows which is why they have said they will plant one tree for every 25 products sold. 

Swole Panda
As I sit typing this, my feet are warm, cosy, comfortable and look bloody good. That’s thanks to the guys at Swole Panda who sent me some of the best socks yet. 

A brand that is proud to be British, Swole Panda offer a range of products from socks to sunglasses. And they make their products with sustainability in mind. 

The socks I’m wearing come with reinforced heel and toes, giving strength and comfort where it is most needed. Anti Bacterial and Moist Wicking and all the socks are hand linked giving a super smooth feel. 

Read their story here 

Hawkins and Brimble

‘For The Modern Man’  Founded only in 2016, Hawkins and Brimble are new to the scene, however  thanks to their expertly crafted UK products and simple, natural ingredients. They have quickly made it onto the lists of many mens must have products. 

I have only used the Body Wash they sent me so far but I already love it. After showering my skin felt super soft and I think I’ll be throwing my other brands straight in the bin. 

You can find Hawkins and Brimble on the high street in places such as Holland and Barrett and Boots, or online at Amazon or Mankind among others. 

The Brighton Beard Company
So I don't have a beard, I don’t plan on getting a beard but this product will be perfect for my brother who does love his beard. (mostly because he’s too lazy to shave) 

I’m not going to pretend I know much about beards, beard bars or beard oil and just direct you straight to the Brighton Beard Company website

Check out some of the products and look at the reviews, this brand are really impressing customers with their products. 

Tied Together
I’ve recently been considering wearing something other than jeans and a t shirt every day (I must be finally growing up) which is why when I saw the box from Tied Together, I ripped open the packaging to see what treats I had.

Tied Together have one aim, and that’s to make you the “Best dressed man in every room”

Offering the perfect trio, Tied Together offer a Tie, Sock and Square trio making sure you look dapper whatever the occasion. 

Charles Farris
When I opened my hamper, I could smell something great. I wasn’t entirely sure what is was until I found my Charles Farris candle sitting at the bottom of the box. 

Charles Farris has been synonymous with London candle manufacturing dating all the way back to 1845. Charles Farris are still using the same traditional methods from the Victorian era to make candles for modern day and I must say, it’s working. As I lifted the candle out of the box, I could instantly smell the aroma from the candle. I didn’t have to put the candle right to the tip of my nose like you do with another well know candle brand…(I'm saying nothing)

The standard Charles Farris candle burns for 50 hours and are hand poured in England, they come in a textured glass holder meaning they look great in any home. 

If you’re considering purchasing some candles, just know you’ll be burning a candle in your home from a brand that has provided candles for buildings such as Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Catherdral. So go on, feel like royalty with a Charles Farris and if you use code SOCIAL20 you can get 20% off your entire order. (one time only)

Shop the entire hamper with these links. 

Charles Harris

Tied Together
Instagram : http://bit.ly/2fTDJTo

The Brighton Beard Company
Instagram : http://bit.ly/2wZ2ymo

Hawkins and Brimble
Instagram : http://bit.ly/2yJ16GS

Swole Panda
Instagram : http://bit.ly/2fU68c1

Pro Teeth Whitening
Instagram : http://bit.ly/2fBEt2G

Instagram : http://bit.ly/2xNsgP5

Skincare Industries



Thanks to SocialNetWorkSolutions for sending me the hamper.

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