5 Gift Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With This Christmas.

12/06/2017Jake Ryan

December is honestly one of my favourite months and Christmas is almost certainly my favourite holiday, the problem with Christmas is I hate when people ask me what I want for Christmas…because I honestly never know. I’m not really one for material items and the items I would want usually cost a pretty penny (I still want that Drone if anyone is feeling generous?) 

However, they is always a few items that will be happily received and these 5 products should literally be on everyones Christmas lists.

1 - Cornerstone Gift Box
So I recently used a corner stone razor for the first time and I honestly can’t praise this razor enough. I’d always used Gillette Razors in the past and was pretty certain I was happy with these and didn’t need to make the switch. But I did, and my oh my am I glad I did. 

CornerStone are currently offering a gift box on their website for £30, which offers everything someone could need for his shaving requirements, face scrub, shave gel, shave balm, razor, blade cover and extra blades. 

The box also comes with a £10 gift card so the recipient can sign up for a shave plan after they have finished their box. (Which I’m sure they’ll want to)

2 - Popcorn Shed
I discovered Popcorn shed earlier this year and honestly, BEST POPCORN EVER. I first tried the ‘Pop n Choc’ which was as delicious as you’d expect chocolate covered popcorn to be. But then the second bag I grabbed was the ‘Salted Caramel’ Never have I ever tasted popcorn so good as this. 

Popcorn shed Popcorn is perfect for absolutely anybody you know who loves popcorn and I promise you, they’ll find a flavour they love. 

You can purchase Popcorn Shed bags from their own website, Amazon, Selfridges, Hamleys and many other places so make sure you grab a pack for someone you love this Christmas (or just keep it all for yourself)

Shop Here

3 - Scratch Map 
Who doesn’t love travel? (I’m sure they exist but I doubt they’re on this site) 
So with everyone being a travel lover, surely a scratch map is perfect for everyone? 

4 - LazyGit Joggers
LazyGit is a fairly new brand I discovered when someone purchased me a pair of their joggers as a gift and I was immediately impressed. The quality of the joggers was so good that I purchased myself a second pair. I now wear these joggers pretty much everyday when lounging so the title ‘LazyGit’ seems to make absolute sense. 

All their clothes come unisex, so all you need to do is pick a size for that lazy person in your life and purchase them some pants. 

Shop At

5 - Instant Camera 
I must admit, I never really saw the appeal of these instant cameras, when you could just use your iPhone or DSLR. However, last Christmas when a friend brought this camera around with them I realised I was wrong. These are not only great fun, but these capture a real moment. 

You can get many variations of Instant Cameras but this one by FujiFilm is the one for me. 

And finally, I’m not one for Christmas Cards, however if you do wish to get me a Christmas Card, it should absolutely be this one I found on Etsy. 

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