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Interview Advent Day 4 : Jorden Tually

12/04/2017Jake Ryan

Some people you meet in life are just all about living life. And Jorden Tually is definitely one of those people, Jorden saved up his own money and just went out looking for an adventure and he's certainly found one. Scrolling through his YouTube or Instagram account it'll be hard to not come away with a huge case of travel envy as he travels around the world and just having the most fun possible. 

We recently asked Jorden a few questions about his travels, see what Jorden had to say. 
First of all, tell us a little about yourself. 
Hey everyone, my name is Jorden and I have been backpacking the world on a pretty tight budget for the past 3 years. 
I love the tropics and I love meeting new people and seeing new places! I have way to much energy for life and say 'what the heck' too many times to count, I am currently in the Philippines enjoying cheap mango smoothies and coconuts haha, life is pretty good.

I recently found your YouTube channel. How long have you been making videos for YouTube?
I started making videos consistently at the start of this year (2017) and I am not sick of it yet so thats good!

Everytime you post a video, you appear to be in a new exciting place. Are you currently travelling full time?
I could be traveling full time if I wanted to but that is just a little much for me. I go home for the Australian summer every year (yes I am Australian) and this year is the same! Ill be home in December after 9 months on the road so I am pretty excited.

How long have you been travelling?
I've been traveling solo for the past 3 years, I took a gap year and it has turned into three...whoops! 

Of all the places you’ve been so far, what would you say your favourite place is?
Ohh so many amazing places but the best country for me is the Philippines, if you love the tropics this is the place for you. It has so much adventure its amazing!

It looks like you’ve had some incredible experiences, from swimming with Manta Rays to Hiking the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii. But what would you say is the best experience you’ve ever had while travelling is?
Earlier this year I went to the Big Island, Hawaii to go explore! One day I went out on a mission to find lava flow and I did! After a two hour walk I stumbled upon lava flowing from the ground, I was standing two meters away from it feeling the burn. I was actually insane and forever will be up there with the best experiences of my life!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I love climbing on cliff edges so their is just too many options for this question! But I do have this video which sums me up pretty well I think, check it out here.

How do you fund your travels?
I saved up $10,000 before I left on my first gap year, I have found a way to travel so cheap that I haven't run out of money yet haha! I have worked at a summer camp in Canada called Muskoka Woods which has helped me fund my trips but to be honest I haven't really made that much money. I am slowly learning how to optimise my socials and turn it into an income but that is in the developing stages. Its less about how much I earn and more about how I spend or in this case don't spend my money haha

What advice do you have for someone who wants to travel like you?
Firstly, you probably don't want to travel like me! Sometimes I live off 1 meal a day and sometimes I don't eat all together. But if you want to backpack my biggest tip is to just go to a hostel in Asia with open plans and let the trip turn into an epic adventure from there.

What is it about travelling you love so much?
The community of people is what I love. I love meeting people with different stories and backgrounds and religions and beliefs. It's so awesome to learn about other people and their cultures and lifestyles and that is why I love to travel.

Other than travelling, what else do you love?
So many things! I love Pokemon, I am actually a graphic designer by trade so I really love graphic design and creating illustrations! I love Rachel McAdams (if you don't know who she is you should google her haha) and I love my family and friends.

Who/What inspires you?
Again, so many people inspire me! My Mum and Dad have to be up there but God is the most inspirational person for me (yes I am a Christian), closely followed my Robin Williams and Jim Carey ha. I just love people and love individuals stories and journeys . 

And finally, what are your plans for the future?  
The future plans right now are to just keep chasing my passions and see where life takes me. Lets hope it is a grand adventure and something exciting! I guess we will see what happens in 2018.

Thanks Jorden for taking the time to speak with TravelFoodFilm.

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