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4 Reasons To Use Big Bus Hong Kong

1/02/2018Jake Ryan

Throughout my years travelling I've usually avoided the touristy open top busses that you find in all major cities, however I have made a few exceptions and one of these was when I was in Hong Kong. 

As this was my first visit to Hong Kong, on my first day I booked myself a 48 hour ticket on the Big Bus Hong Kong Tour. (I pre booked my ticket online on Viator for my first day) The simple reason for doing this was that I had no idea of where to go, what to do and no idea where everything was located. I decided I could use the bus tour to find out where everything was.

It turned out that booking myself onto the Big Bus Tour would be one of the best decisions. 

I've listed 4 reasons that the Big Bus tour in Hong Kong is a must for first time visitors. 

1 - Three Routes
Yep, 3!

The tour offers 3 different routes that all take you to different parts of the city. With the different routes you can explore all the best Hong Kong has to offer, with 1 route covering Kowloon, 1 covering Stanley and 1 covering Hong Kong island. 

Hong Kong is such a huge city to explore, and if you don't know where you're going you can easily waste your days wondering around the city aimlessly so the 3 routes really let you get to know the best of Hong Kong. 

2 - Sampan Ride
With your ticket you also get included a 30 minute Sampan ride around the harbour. This was one of my favourite parts of my time spent with Big Bus. Me and my wife were the only people who got off at the stop to use our ticket for the Sampan ride and we enjoyed a private tour of the harbour, getting up close views of floating villages. 

3 - Star Ferry Ticket
A trip to Hong Kong isn't complete until you've taken a trip on the Star Ferry. And although a ticket is cheap anyway, the fact you get a one way ticket to ride the iconic Star Ferry is an added bonus. The Star Ferry transports roughly 70,000 people per day between Kowloon and Hong Kong island. 

4 - Tram Ticket To Victoria Peak
Okay so I just said a trip to Hong Kong isn't complete without a trip on the Star Ferry but unless you take a trip to Victoria Peak, did you even visit Hong Kong? 

Your Big Bus tour ticket includes a Peak Tram Sky Pass. (Get all the information on that here)

Visiting Victoria Peak was easily the most memorable experience I had in Hong Kong and remains one of the best views I have seen. 

Other perks of using Big Bus Tours are -
Free Maps
Free Headphones/Audio Tours

The downsides...?
You can sometimes find yourself sat in traffic for a long time and in the Hong Kong heat it can be a little difficult. That's about it really. 

You can book your ticket for the Big Bus Tour online, or on the day. I booked mine through Viator and you can head to any stop to validate your ticket. 

Are you planning a trip to Hong Kong? 

Let me know in the comments. 

This post features affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through these links I may receive a percentage of sale. This does not affect the cost of your ticket. My opinion on Big Bus remains the same and is entirely my own. 

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