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Visiting Amalfi With Joe Banana Limos

4/23/2019Jake Ryan

On our recent visit to Sorrento, I partnered with Joe Banana limos for a private tour of the Amalfi Coast. When initially planning our trip, I knew that I wanted to visit as much of the stunning Amalfi Coast as possible. There are a variety of options that allow you to do this from Sorrento, however it was when I saw the exclusive and comprehensive experience that Joe Banana offers that I knew this tour was the one for me. From the moment you are picked up to the minute you are dropped off, you feel like a true VIP.

Our tour began at 8.30am when we were picked up from my hotel by my driver and guide for the day, Massimo (or Max) in a luxurious Mercedes. Not only do you get water and snacks for the day, but the car also comes equipped with charging ports for both iPhone and Android phones ( a lifesaver if you are like me and constantly using your phone), personal air-conditioning, umbrellas and a place to keep your items throughout the day. Something that the traditional shared tours do not offer.

We began our trip by driving along the beautiful winding roads of the Amalfi Coast to the ‘Jewel of the Amalfi Coast’; Positano. Along the way we had a couple of photo stops at various viewing platforms as well as trying the local drink of freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice (delicious). We were then dropped off at the furthest point that cars are allowed and given free time to explore the village. What was great about this tour is that there are no time limits on how long you spend in places, as you are the only ones on it, the tour is adaptable to your needs. We ended up spending about an hour in Positano, taking the winding streets down to the heart of the village, the beautiful beach. It is here that you can really see Positano in all of its glory with the colourful houses and Cathedral towering above you. There are also some excellent restaurants along the beach front as well as quaint shops and boutiques to wander through.

Our next stop was supposed to be Amalfi, however it was so busy that Massimo suggested we visited the quiet town of Ravello, high in the mountains first and then come back to Amalfi in the afternoon when it would be quieter - a much better prospect. The drive to Ravello was simply stunning, with Massimo (an excellent English speaker) pointing out areas of interest and anecdotes about the area. For me, this was the best part of the tour. Unlike shared tours, you get a much more personal experience this way, and by the end of the day, it felt like taking a trip with a friend rather than a detached guide. With Massimo also being a local, it meant that he gave us a unique insight into the area, as well as finding hidden treasures such as the phenomenal pizzeria he took us for lunch (€5 for one of the best margarita pizzas I’ve ever had) and the viewing point of Capri that is only 10 minutes from where he lived. 

Ravello is by far my personal favourite town that we visited. Picture perfect and so peaceful, it was here that you felt like you were getting a more authentic Amalfi experience, unlike the more touristic Positano and Amalfi. Before reaching here, Massimo had clearly realised that it was beautiful scenery that we enjoyed and again adapted the tour to take us to an amazing viewing point of Revello from La Scalla. We ended up spending longer here than anywhere else, and again Massimo had no problem adjusting our schedule to accommodate this. I would definitely recommend getting a gelato from Baffone Gelateria - the best ice-cream I had in all of Amalfi!

The last stop on our tour was back to Amalfi. With it being later in the day, a lot of the bus tours had departed and now we could enjoy walking the pretty streets without quite as many tourists crowding them. Again the view walking up was stunning with a beautiful Cathedral dominating the main square. By this point we were quite tired though and only stayed around an hour, if we had visited here first, I can imagine we would have spent much longer here.

To end the tour, we took the same winding roads back to Sorrento, this time enjoying the views as the sun went down. Another highlight of the tour was Massimo taking us to the local viewing point where we were treated to panoramic views of Capri and the sun set behind it. Simply sensational and real highlight of the tour.

To book yourselves a tour be sure to check out their website here - Joe Banana Limos

You can book yourselves onto the same tour we took HERE

Thanks Joe Banana Limos for hosting my tour, as always opinions are entirely my own. 

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