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Visiting Capri From Sorrento With You Know Boat!

5/19/2019Jake Ryan

During our time in Sorrento, we partnered with You Know Boat! to experience their Sorrento Coast and Capri boat tour from Capri.

Any trip to Sorrento is not complete without visiting the magical island of Capri, and our trip with YouKnow did not disappoint. Although a shared tour, with a guaranteed maximum of 7 guests, you get a much more exclusive experience than other group tours and with the added bonus of alcoholic drinks and snacks included, you feel like a true VIP.

As we were staying at Marina Grande, one of the most exciting parts of the trip was our hotel pickup. Forget the typical minibus, we were ferried in style to their office by a private inflata-boat (think an inflatable speedboat). It really was the perfect start to the tour, whizzing along the Sorrento Coast as the sun shone down and the wind whipped through your hair. 

We were then taken to their office to check in and given a group number. After a short 10 minute wait, we were ready to set sail. There are two options for seating, either at the back where there is space for 8 people or at the front where there is space for four. If you want unobstructed views, definitely choose the seats at the front! 

The tour began with a tour along the Sorrento Coast. Our skipper was also the tour guide and gave great insights into the history of Sorrento as well as pointing out buildings of interest. One of the more unique parts of the tour was being taken to a beautiful waterfall and getting close enough to actually taste the water. A real hidden gem. 

We then continued on Capri and a 1 hour tour around the Island. Luckily the weather was on our side and we were able to visit all of the grottos including Emerald Grotto, Heart Grotto and Red Grotto. Please note that although you go past the Blue Grotto, you will not stop here on the tour around the island, but make your own way there when you land. As the guide explained, the Grotto as the main attraction on the island and only accessible by very small hand-rowed boats, it can take up to two hours to get into the grotto and if they waited you would not get the tour around the island or the opportunity to go swimming. This is the case with all shared boat tours though. This wasn’t a problem for us but something to bear in mind when you book this.

One of the best parts of the tour was getting up close with the famed Faraglioni rock formation. Not only do to get to sail around it, but also through it. Even better, you also stop for a great photo opportunity as well as a glass of prosecco (or other drink of your choice). A great experience!

After sailing around the island, you are dropped off at Marina Grande, the largest marina on the island (as the name suggests). We were given 5.5 hours to explore the island and given a map and useful tips for travelling around the island. There are so many options, from using the Funicular to visit Capri Town (the main shopping area), the public bus to Ana Capri (a more authentic shopping area) or simply taking a walk and exploring the island. We chose to get the Funicular to Capri Town (a bargain at 2 Euros per person) and then took a slow walk to the other Marina (Marina Piccolo) at the opposite side of the island. A one hour walk, the views are simply stunning as you take the long winding road down.

We loved our time a Marina Piccolo, with its beautiful beach, gorgeous restaurants and laid back atmosphere. We actually ended up spending the whole day there, it was that stunning. We opted to catch the public bus back to Marina Grande (2.50 Euro per person), as although it was an easy walk down, it is incredibly steep going back up - not for the feint hearted! Make sure you give yourself enough time to get back though. Although only a 20 minute bus journey, in high season, the buses fill up very quickly and some of the locals said you can have waits of over an hour to get back!

Once back at Marina Grande, we decided to make the most of the hour we had left and went for cocktails at one of the restaurants on the front. Although cocktails were 9.50 Euros each, they were honestly amazing (we went for mojitos), plus you also get complimentary snacks and no cover charge, so all in all we felt this was good value.

We finally made our way back to the boat, however we were a little early (about 30 minutes). What was great was that they let us get straight on the boat as well as giving us a glass of wine. With no-one else on, it was like having your own private yacht for a time, it also meant we got our pick of the seats! After everyone in the group arrived back, we then took a slow journey back to Sorrento as the sun began to set. Just before arriving back, we stopped to toast Capri with a shot of complimentary limoncello. A truly magical moment and the perfect end to a perfect day!

You can check out all the tours You Know Boat! run from Sorrento by checking out their website here

Thanks You Know! for hosting our tour, as always opinions are entirely my own. 

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