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An Interview With : Drone photographer, Andrea Caruso

4/27/2022Jake Ryan

If you are a fan of drone photography, you need to be following Andrea Caruso. Andrea takes the most beautiful travel drone images and we recently had a chat with Andrea to get to know a bit more about him and his photography. Read the full interview with Andrea below. 


Hey, first of all tell us a little about yourself? 

Hi! I'm Andrea, an aerial photographer, digital creator and travel enthusiast from Sicily. I have always been fascinated by aerial views and looking at everything from different perspectives. Years ago I studied the basics of graphics and post-production, then I continued as a self-taught, going deeper and deeper into the study of these disciplines through the photos and videos I took during my trips around Sicily.

Your photos are incredible, when did you first get into photography? 

Looking through your Instagram you take amazing drone shots, when did you start using a drone? 


I bought my first drone 4 years ago and a real passion for this little flying camera and for everything that can be created with it has begun. It was a unique feeling to shoot from above and see all those little-big objects moving under me. From that moment I never stopped going out, shooting and post-producing, whenever I could, whenever I had the time to do it.


Do you have any one you look up to that inspired you to get into photography? 


Over the years there have been many who have inspired me. I can certainly mention Boyan Ortse (@boyanoo) for his skills in finding unique spots and mastery with the drone, Costas Spathis (@spathumpa) for his super minimal and clean compositions and Karl Ndieli (@karl_shakur) because I love how he works on every single content or photo, he has the ability to convey the mood he wants through effects and shades like very few.


What advice do you have for someone wanting to get into photography?

There would be lots of advice, but certainly the most important I would like to give is to find your own identity in photography. Shoot with an idea behind it, not just clicking on the camera or controller, to have a guideline in your creations and in some way stand out from the others.

Is photography your full time job? 


Unfortunately not yet but I am working hard on many projects to make photography and travelling my full time job.



What else do you do when not taking photos? 


I have a very creative mind, I never stop and I am constantly looking for improvement in everything I do. When I'm not taking photos, I dedicate myself to post-production, studying photographic compositions, planning work and travels to add new content to my archive.

What makes you happiest? 

When I am able to express my concept of aerial photography, when after hours of editing I am able to make my “mark” on a photo, my interpretation of that particular spot through composition and tones. More generally, when you see that your work begins to detach itself from copying someone else and it stands out and one distinguishes it through the whole process behind the result. The final photo is the one that everyone sees and can be appreciated or not, but only you know the growth and everything that led you to that result.



Do you have a piece of work you are most proud of?


Surely the shot I am most attached to is “Lego Town” which shows the village of Gangi and enhances its composition of joined houses, squeezed on a mountain as if they were lego bricks. This shot, which did not immediately have much success, over the days and weeks was shared and re-shared on many pages and platforms. It brought many photographers to Sicily, both well-known and less-known ones, in the following months, who have exalted and contributed to enhance the wonders of my island of origin.

And finally what are your plans for the future? 


In my future there is always professional growth, travels, an online fine art print shop that I have been working on for a few months and maybe, one day, being able to teach someone what I have learned over the years.

Thanks to Andrea for taking the time to speak to TravelFoodFilm. You can follow Andrea on Instagram HERE and read more about Andrea and his work on his website HERE

All photos in this post are property of Andrea. 

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