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5 Things To Do In Montecatini

1/05/2015Jake Ryan

You’ll find Montecatini in the heart of Tuscany, not far from the extremely popular Florence and Pisa. Montecatini is a quiet and peaceful town and is popular as being the largest and most famous spa town in Tuscany. 

Montecatini Terme has been admired for it’s curative waters since the 16th century. Now while you can enjoy the spas which offer new and old treatments, you don't have to be a 'Spa Kinda Guy' as Montecatini has a lot more on offer, from the incredible selection of shops, lovely bars and restaurants and most importantly…Kinder Egg Ice Cream!!!! Yep, that exists.

These are 5 things you should do during your time in Montecatini

Cable Car Railway
If you enjoy a stunning view, then when you’re in Montecatini you’re going to want to take the Funicolare to Montecatini Alto. The fun ride to the top will cost you €7 for a return ticket so is not too expensive and you won’t just be treated to stunning views, you’ll also get to wander around Montecatini Alto which is a lovely town. Why not take your return journey at sunset for some stunning scenery?

Ice Cream
Yeah I mentioned it already, and I’m going to say it again…KINDER EGG ICE CREAM! And for less than €2? Life made. 
Stroll Through The Park
Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the busy crowds, and what better way then venturing into the centre of Montecatini and taking a stroll around the park. Here you’ll find the locals, playing and walking their dogs, others just taking in the rays from the sun, but whatever you decide to do you’ll be sure to be able to find a quiet area for yourself. 
The shopping in Montecatini will suit everyone’s needs, from small corner stores with gift ideas for the people back home to the more luxury brands such as Chanel, the shopping in Montecatini suits all budgets. 

Visit The Spa
If all the shopping, ice cream, eating and cable car journeys take it out of you, you will need some ‘you’ time. And what better way then hitting Tuscany’s most famous spa. The Montecatini Spa is famous for it’s curative waters and you can find swimming pools, jacuzzi’s and spa treatments to put something special into your holiday. Why not take the aches and pains away from all that walking by taking a massage?

Check out some images from my time spent in Montecatini

Have you visited Montecatini in Tuscany? What was your favourite thing to do? Let me know by commenting below. 

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