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Best Places to Visit in Canada : Part 1

1/29/2015Jake Ryan

Whether you're looking for natural sceneries or cultural cities, Canada offers you a variety of destinations to enjoy. As it is the largest country in North America, you will want to take some time visiting Canada and explore as much of this incredible place as possible. 

From cities to wildlife, below are just a few of the best places to visit in Canada. 
Toronto is one of the largest cities in North America and the most populated city in Canada. Toronto should be top on your list of places to visit in Canada. It is extremely culturally diverse, from ethnic districts such as Chinatown or Little Italy, to annual music and film festivals. From famous landmarks like the CN tower to world-renowned museums, Toronto has something to offer for everyone. You can also find plenty of outdoor activities at nearby beaches and parks in the city.   

Niagara Falls
Just a few hours out of Toronto is the world famous Niagara Falls. A popular destination when visiting Canada, Niagara Falls not only offers the beauty of three large waterfalls, but has developed into a small town with impressive attractions and restaurants. It is worth the price to explore the waterfalls by getting into a boat and going under the waterfall. It is an entirely different experience than only seeing it from a distance. Make sure you visit at night as well, as there is often a fireworks and lights show. You can also cross the border into the United States and see Niagara Falls from the other side. 

Located in southeastern Ontario, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. This is not the only reason you should go to Ottawa when visiting Canada. Ottawa offers a glimpse of Canada’s top financial, commercial and federal buildings, as well as the wonders of the Rideau Canal. The Rideau Canal runs through the centre of the city, and if you visit in the winter, you will be able to ice skate on the world’s largest ice skating rink. Ottawa is also a cultural hub for Canada, where you can visit museums, theatres, and attend cultural festivals. 

Banff National Park
If you are looking to escape the cities and explore Canada’s natural side, you should plan a visit to Banff National Park. Banff National Park is in Alberta province and is one of Canada’s largest national parks. Here you will see the beauty of the mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. You can stop by small quaint towns on the way, but the majority of the area remains clear from civilisation. You may encounter bears, moose, wolves, bald eagles, and Canadian geese here. The Trans-Canada Highway passes through the park, as visitors come to see the natural beauty of the area and its wildlife. 

There are historical sites, museums, restaurants, and lodging along the way. There are organised activities as well where you can kayak, canoe, whitewater raft, or ride horses, depending on how adventurous you are. 

Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada and is in the Quebec province. You may feel that you stepped into France, as it is the second largest French-speaking community outside of Paris, France. Montreal is one of the best places to visit in Canada as it offers a beautiful downtown district and historic quarters. Here you can visit downtown skyscrapers and museums. Like many other cities in Canada, you will find parks and gardens in the centre of the city. From Mont Royal Park to Montreal Botanical Garden, you can wander through the natural beauty. 

No matter if you only have a few days or a few months, there will always be more to see in Canada. Look out for part 2 coming soon :D

Where's your favourite place to visit in Canada? 
Let me know by commenting below. 

Banff - photo credit: brilang via photopin cc

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