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9 Free Things To Do In Las Vegas

4/23/2016Jake Ryan

When most people think of Vegas, they think of the excessive amounts of money that they will inevitably spend. Whatever they want to do, one thing is a certainty: it is going to cost; cost; cost. I am here to tell you however that this is not quite the case! 

What most people don't realise is that the best shows, attractions and things to do on the strip are all completely free. So to help you make the most of your trip, without breaking the bank: here are my top 9 free things to do and see in Las Vegas.


One of the best parts about Vegas is that you can see a multi million dollar show every night over and over again for absolutely nothing! Just head to any Casino. While you can easily spend $100 on a ticket for a typical big-name production in Vegas; the most eyecatching extravaganzas won't cost you a Cent. Highlights of mine include the Bellagio Fountains immortalised by Ocean's 11, the awe-inspiring erupting Mirage Volcano and the anamatronic extravaganza that is Caesars Fall of Atlantis



 Take a trek along the strip and you'll encounter all kinds of colourful creatures from across all four corners of the globe. From flamboyant Flamingos on an island surrounded by streams and waterfalls at the Flamingo, to a 117,000 gallon saltwater oasis housing 4000 tropical fish, jellyfish and sharks at the Silverton Casino; It'll feel like you've been transported into another world. I still can't believe that you get all of this for nothing.


 For some of the best free attractions in all of Vegas you need to head down to Fremont Street. Known as the 'Old Vegas', there is an abundance of free things on offer. You can find free concerts, slot pulls, roulette spins, mardi gras beads and in my opinion THE best show in all of the City; the Fremont Street Experience. An integrated video, lights and sound extravaganza all played out on the 90ft high arched canopy. With over 12 million LED lights and a 550,000 watt sound system, I cannot describe how impressive this is to experience for yourself. I could have stayed and watched it all night long!   


 If it is your time in Vegas, you can actually get FREE slot machine plays from some casinos by simply signing up to their reward card programmesNearly every Casino on the strip has some kind of reward scheme and each offers different freebies. As long as you have a valid ID and email address you're set. This was one of the most fun things I did on my first trip a few years ago; I mean what's better than gambling with someone elses money?  


 Seeing a show at the largest permanent circus in the world sounds very tempting, finding out it's completely free to do so sounds unmissable (and unbelievable)! But that is exactly what you can do if you head over to the Carnival Midway at the Circus Circus Hotel. Stating at 11am, marvel at the rotating cast of jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, clowns and roller-skating stuntmen. Make sure you get there early though as seats fill up incredibly quickly! One of the most visually stunning performers I saw was Oksana on the aerial Silk. It was mesmerising to see the skill and artistry that went in to the performance.



Fancy watching a free show and getting paid for the privilege? Then head on over to the MGM Grand which is home to the CBS Television City Research Center. Opened daily from 10, here you can watch shows, pilots and other TV shows and decide if they should get commissioned. When you're done you'll be given either a cash stipend or coupons for free shows, food and merchandise as a thank you. This is one free attraction even Vegas veterans don't know about so whenever you go there's very rarely a line so no worries about long waits. Bonus! 


 Unbelievable to some, but the Vegas hotels have amassed some of the most exclusive art collections in the whole of the USA and they are completely free for the public to view.  For example: The Cosmopolitan holds exhibitions of well-known artists in its posh P3Studio as well as newly-installed media-installations through out the complex; If you take the short trip to Fremont Street's Main Street Station Casino, in the men's restroom you'll find a giant slab of the Berlin Wall (us girls can also visit it if you ask at the reception) and the most prestigious hotels (Bellagio/Wynn/Encore/Venetian) have world class art scattered everywhere you look. One of my personal favourites is the mesmerising $33.6 million Jeff Koons 'Tulips' sculpture that is now on display in the Wynn. It is truly one sight not to be missed.


 Walking up to a crowded poker table in the world capital of gambling can certainly be nerve-racking but to put you at ease, a number of casinos now offer free lessons on some of the most popular games. With sessions held throughout the day, you can learn the basics straight from the dealers and they will even let you in on the strategies to beat them! Even if you're not planning on visiting the tables for real, it's a badge of honour when you return to say you've been taught poker by dealers at the Bellagio. The best for me was definitely Blackjack at the Venetian. I got some great tips (always assume the dealers card is 10/ don't hit if you have a 14 and the dealer has between 2-6 etc.) although I must admit I did become a little lost when it came to splitting and doubling down. Either way, when it's free how can you say no?


There are several ways to score free drinks in Vegas (and believe me in that heat you'll need them!). The easiest way is to head to the casinos. Sit at any table or slot machine (yes even the penny slots) and you'll be brought whatever drink takes your fancy for nothing (apart from a small tip to the waitress). The best complimentary drinks are at the Wynn though. Here you get free brand name tequila and mojitos. If you're not into gaming and still want free high-end drinks there are other options. Check out, where every night they hold an 'open bar' event at a place on or near the strip. 
What are your favourite free things to do in Vegas? Drop me a comment below.

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