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The Views From Alanya Castle

4/18/2016Jake Ryan

So the past two weeks I spent some time in Turkey, this wouldn’t be my first trip to Turkey but it would be the first time I had visited Alanya

One of my favourite moments in Alanya came when I headed up to Alanya Castle. As I reached the medieval castle, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the incredible views you’re treated to from any side of the castle. 

Check out some of the shots I took during my time at the Castle. 

Have you visited Alanya. How was your trip?

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  1. Those views are absolutely stunning! My parents are visiting Turkey this summer, I'm yet to visit, but I'm definitely going to keep this post handy for them, they love anywhere with a good view!

    1. If they love a view, they'll love Turkey no matter where they're. It's stunning.


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