Three Reasons to Visit the New Nashville

10/07/2016Jake Ryan

First it was Portland, Oregon. Then it was Austin, Texas. And now, Nashville, Tennessee is quickly becoming the "it" city in the US.

Also known as Music City, Nashville is gaining popularity as a tourist destination just as quickly as people are moving there permanently, and with good reason. Right now the city has exceptional word of mouth. There's the scripted Nashville show on network TV, three different home renovations programs in the city, and a rich history of country music along with a newly emerging rock scene.

With a little something for everyone, Nashville definitely deserves a place on your must-see list.

It doesn't matter if the conversation is about the show, country music, or other music scenes in the area there’s always something to be entertained by in Nashville so it’s no wonder it’s such a favorite with the online tastemakers.

Between the honky-tonks (country-western bars) on lower Broadway and the intimate setting of clubs like The Bluebird Cafe, you can always find a place to hear live music. East Nashville is also home to a vibrant art scene, with an eclectic variety of paintings, woodworkings, and sculptures. They also host two professional sports team in the downtown vicinity—NFL's Tennessee Titans, and the NHL's Nashville Predators.

No matter what you're into, it's easy to find something to satisfy your interests.

If music clubs aren't quite your thing, (or you just need a quieter day after a night spent at the honky-tonks) Nashville has plenty of historical locations to visit and learn more about the culture of the city.

For example, you could venture over the Hermitage museum and plantation. President Andrew Jackson used to call this mansion home, and today, guests can learn all about the 7th president of the United States, as well as what Nashville was like during his residency there.

You can also visit the Nashville Parthenon. A replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, Nashville's Parthenon serves as an architectural reminder of the World's Fair from 1897. Even though it's a replica of the real Parthenon, Nashville's building has a museum of the city's past within its walls, as well as the beautiful Centennial Park surrounding the exterior.

Do not, under any circumstances, come to this city on a diet. At the very least, don't expect to stick to it. New restaurants are breathing life into the emerging food scene, blending sophisticated cuisine with classic, southern specialties.

American food critic and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain recently toured Nashville for his food and travel show, Parts Unknown. In his special, he recommended trying a "meat-and-three" restaurant, (a cafeteria-style place where each diner gets their choice of a meat and three sides) as well as the dish Nashville is famous for—hot chicken. This spicy fried chicken is smothered in peppery seasonings and sauces that will have you weeping after your first bite. It's a delicious Southern delicacy that's not for the faint of heart, but should not be missed.

If you find yourself with a long weekend to spare, do yourself a favour and check out this quickly evolving Southern city. You might come back with a little twang in your speech, and a few extra pounds, but it will definitely be worth it.

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