24 hours in Las vegas

24 Hours In Las Vegas

11/02/2016Jake Ryan

What surprises most first time visitors to Vegas is just how big it is.  
Everywhere you look, there is something else to do, see and explore. If you only have 24 hours, time is going to run out very quickly.  

So, to help you experience as much as Vegas as you possibly can, here is my perfect itinerary.  
By the time you're done, you'll have seen more in 24 hours than most visitors see in a week.



Believe me, if you want to explore as much of Vegas as possible, you'll need to fuel yourself up for the day. So, start early and head over to the Wynn for the best breakfast buffet on the Strip. It was one of the most beautiful breakfast experiences I have ever had. Think of sun streaming through a glass atrium while you are gorging on phenomenal food and surrounded by flowers. Pure and utter bliss. 


Now you are fully fuelled, take advantage of the cooler weather (well, compared to the normal scorching heat that is) and explore the sights and sounds of the strip when it is at its quietest. One of my favourite parts of the strip is that you can literally see the world in 45 minutes. Heading left out of the Wynn, take a stroll through all the major hotels and see the Venice Canals, Roman Italy, the Eiffel Tower, New York and the Pyramids of Egypt. It's also the perfect time of day to get some amazing pictures. If you want the true Vegas experience, nip in to a Fat Tuesday and grab one of their giant take-out frozen cocktails (they also have virgin options if you're not quite up to drinking yet.) There's nothing better than taking in the strip with one of their Peachtree Bellinis.



No trip to Vegas is complete without the obligatory photo in front of the Vegas sign, so continue heading down the strip until you reach the last hotel; the Mandalay BayHead south past Russel Road until you reach the Bali Hai Golf Club and just across from it, you'll see the sign. What most visitors don't realise is that the sign isn't actually on the strip. When I first went in search of it I thought I was going the wrong way since it felt like I was wandering into the middle of nowhere. It was only when I saw a gaggle of tourists heading the same way that I knew I was on the right track. FYI: the sign is in the middle of the road with several lanes of traffic so make sure you're careful crossing.
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By now, the scorching Vegas sun should be heating you up, so head back to the Mandalay Bay and cool off with a visit to its Shark Reef Aquarium. I have been to my fair share of aquariums and believe me when I say this is easily one of the best. Half-outdoors, half-indoors, this 1.3 million gallon colossus houses over 2000 marine life and includes species such as sharks, crocodiles, sea turtles, stingrays and even a komodo dragon. If you're a first time visitor, make sure you sign up to their free Mlife rewards program where you often get 2 for 1 vouchers. If you're feeling parched, don't bother buying a drink from the overpriced bars, head to the casino floor and sit at one of the slot machines. Before you know it, you'll be given free drinks of your choice (this is the same at all the casinos in Vegas); just remember to tip your waitress. 
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After your calming walk around the serene shark reef, it is time to kick start your afternoon with a burst of adrenaline. Grab the monorail from the Mandalay Bay to the Excalibur and take the short footbridge across to the disney-esque New York New York Hotel. Here you have the chance to ride The Big Apple Coaster, a 3 minute long thrill ride which includes stomach dropping dips, twists, and spirals while reaching speeds of 67mph. Sitting 144ft above the strip, it's an amazing way to see Las Vegas (If you can keep your eyes open that is!)  


By now you'll be feeling rather peckish, so head to the street and catch the Deuce bus (get the $8 all day ticket as you'll be using it later) to Burgr in Planet Hollywood for some of the best food on the Strip. Decked out like an ultra-modern diner, grab a bite to eat while being dazzled by the insane flaming sign that takes up the full back wall of the restaurant. My favourite is the Hell's Kitchen burger which has Asadero Cheese, Sun-dried tomato and Avocado. Make sure you definitely get the Curry Ketchup with the fries, the flavour is amazing!



You can't experience Vegas without visiting its most famous hotel; the Bellagio. After being surrounded by fire at lunch, head across the street and feel cool mist envelope you as you watch the gorgeous Bellagio Fountain show.Immortalised by Ocean's 11, be fascinated by the gravity defying water as the fountains dance in perfect unison to music. For the best view walk around the back of the water until you face the Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower. At this time there will barely be a crowd and if it's hot enough, you'll even see a rainbow form within the fountains. Truly spectacular.  

As you're already at the Bellagio, head inside to visit the Botanical Gardens. Just past the main lobby, this beautiful garden boasts a phenomenal display of colourful flowers, bridges, waterfalls and whimsical seasonal objects throughout the year. Make sure you look up to admire the extraordinary glass sculpture that is comprised of over 2000 hand-blown blossoms as you make your way over. 
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A new addition to the Vegas skyline, The High Roller isn't your average Ferris wheel. At 550-feet-tall (that's 107 ft taller than the London Eye) it is the World's largest observation wheel and will give you panoramic views of the Strip, the valley and the mountains all in one spin. For the best views, make sure you stand in the corner that is to your immediate right when you first enter the pod. You'll get an unparallelled 360 view of Vegas when you reach the top.
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If you've come to Vegas, you have to gamble and with casinos coming to life after 4pm, now is your chance. Whatever direction you look, you are surrounded by the world's top casinos. The best part of all is that you can have fun on any budget with high stakes poker to ¢25 slot machines found in all the establishments. My personal favourite is the Wynn. The fact it is the only 5* hotel on the strip should tell you how gorgeous it is inside, plus you also get the best complimentary drinks with free brand name tequila and mojitos among those on offer. I don't know if it's just me but I also seem to win more here, especially on the roulette machines. 
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Now you've experienced most of the strip and lined your pockets with all your winnings  (It's nice to dream), it's time to head down to 'Old Vegas'. This is actually my favourite part of Vegas and where that all day ticket for the Deuce bus comes in handy. Catch the next bus to Fremont Street (Any bus from the side that the Eiffel Tower is on) and make sure you go upstairs to enjoy great views of the Strip. As you cruise down, make sure you look out for sights such as Circus Circus, Stratosphere, The Little White Wedding Chapel and the Downtown sign among others. Not bad for $8!
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When you reach Fremont Street, head straight to Binions to have your picture taken with $1 million and get a free photo printed. Make sure you're outside by 7pm for the free laser light show. An integrated video, lights and sound extravaganza all played out on the 90ft high arched canopy. With over 12 million LED lights and a 550,000 watt sound system, it is one of the most electric atmospheres I have ever experienced.

After the show, head into any of the iconic casinos and enjoy the free slot pulls, drinks coupons and mardi gras beads that you will find yourself showered with. If you're feeling hungry, there's tons of bars and restaurants for you to get something to eat. If you're really hungry try the Heart attack Grill, but be warned, if you don't finish your food you'll be punished!  Before you go, make sure to stop by Binion's to pick up your free photo! 


The Deuce will take you back to the strip where you can then head to a Cirque Du Soleil show and enjoy one of the best acrobatic productions in the world (my favourite is the aquatic masterpiece 'O' at the Bellagio which starts at 10pm)
Make sure you pre-book your tickets as they are near impossible to purchase on the door. I always book through www.bestofvegas.com for the best offers and discounted tickets.
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12.00PM || PARTY 

With a post-show buzz to keep you going, take a walk through the vibrant and buzzing Strip. Hit up the casinos and finish off the night by grabbing a cocktail at the Revolution Lounge bar in the Mirage. If you are still going, dance the night away at uber-club TAO

What would you do if you had 24 hours in Vegas? Drop me a comment below.
This post is part of the AccorHotels 24 hours competition. 

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