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Checking In, Quebecs Hotel : Leeds

8/11/2017Jake Ryan

So I just started a UK road trip (a trip I have been putting off everyday as this English weather seems to be certain that it will throw everything at us except sunshine) 

So the first stop on my road trip was Leeds and I booked a last minute hotel at Quebecs Hotel. I booked Quebecs for the handiness of it. Quebecs is a Grade II listed 4 star hotel located in the heart of the city and with all my plans being city centre based, this seemed ideal. 

The hotel boosts a whopping 7 parking spaces…all sarcasm intended however you must remember the hotel is centrally located so this isn’t too shocking. To my surprise I was lucky  enough to be able to bag myself a spot for the night. If you’re unfortunate and don’t manage a parking space within the hotel, you can find nearby parking (according to their website, I am assuming in a local car park) Parking at the hotel costs £15 for 24 hours which is about standard for the area. 

Check In 
Check in was fast and easy, but also one of the only negatives I had during my stay. The woman who checked us in (and she never had a name badge so I can’t pin point who she was exactly) seemed to force her manners during check in and I found her to be quite patronising. (I’ve been travelling around the world and staying in different hotels for 5 years, I don’t need someone speaking down to me as if it was my first time staying in a hotel) 

Although this was annoying I must say every other member of the team we met was brilliant in their roles, extremely friendly, attentive and couldn’t do enough for you. 

At check in we were offered a room upgrade (which is always good to hear) we were told how much better this room was to the one we had booked and asked if we would like this. The line "I'm going to sort you a little something" was used to, so coming across as a complementary upgrade we’d be foolish to say no. 

Once we had agreed, we were told how much this would cost us?? 

Errr…if you’re offering an upgrade…either make it complementary or explain the price before we agree. 

Anyway we never backed out as we were celebrating an anniversary so we wanted something a little special. 

The Room
So after paying for the upgrade, we were hoping for something incredible. And we must admit…the hotel delivered. 

We stayed in The Robinson Suite. 
The suite comes in two parts, a work area with seating and the bedroom. The bedroom area is located in the turret of the building and has windows in each direction of the city. This really is quite the room to stay in, offering a romantic and yet professional setting at the same time. Although I have stayed in bigger rooms, they was something special about this one. Giving me an almost presidential feel. 

The rooms come equipped with air-con, mini bar, hairdryer, iron, complementary tea/coffee/water, wifi, CD Player, magazines, amongst other extras.

One of the most important parts of any hotel has to be the bed, and the bed at Quebecs was certainly something special. As you lay down on the bed you almost sink into it, the bed is extremely comfortable and the bedding was so soft you feel like you’re laying in a cloud. (I am assuming this is what laying in a cloud feels like anyway) 

The only downside of the room is the noise from outside, this is the traffic noise which although can be heard, isn’t enough to be an issue. But the more annoying nosies come from the halls, I’m unsure if this was staff or just noisy guests but I could always hear something going on outside the room. The room is also opposite an alarmed fire door…which someone clearly went through as mid afternoon nap (yep, I have reached that stage in life) I was awoken by a loud alarm which had me jump out of bed only to realise this was the door outside the room. Urgh. 

All in all I had a great stay with Quebecs and I would most certainly stay again. If you’re looking for a city centre location at a fair price, than I would suggest considering Quebecs. 

Have you stayed at Quebecs? 
How was your visit? Let me know by commenting below. 

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