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6 Reasons To Book A Cruise

11/26/2017Jake Ryan

A cruise is the marmite equivalent of a holiday. When I speak to people about Cruise, I get one of two responses “Oh my God, my dream” or “Urgh God, I’d hate that” 

Before taking my first cruise I was actually bordering the second response, I was unsure about being stuck in the middle of the ocean on a huge ship and no where to go. After spending a week on a cruise my mind quickly changed. I absolutely loved my experience and would recommend a cruise to anyone I speak to. 

The list of reasons why cruises are perfect is pretty large, but I’ve put together 6 of my favourite reasons to cruise. 

Cruises can be ridiculously expensive, but they can also be incredibly affordable.

You can generally find cruises for less than £100 a night, and that £100 includes food, entertainment, accommodation and a new city to wake up in. (just don’t forget to check if your cruise includes any sort of drinks package and tips)

Wake Up Somewhere New
One of my favourite things about cruising is that you wake up in a new place each day (sometimes a little longer if you have a day at sea) 

At first I was against this, I was under the impression I’d prefer to just fly somewhere as it’s quicker. But when you embark your ship in Turkey, sit down for an evening meal, enjoy a show and then head off to bed before arising in the morning and looking out onto the island of Greece you quickly adapt to this way of travelling as everything is so relaxing. 

Onboard Activities
When you cruise, you don’t have to worry about going out and finding the best places for entertainment as it’s all there in one place. You’ll find your ship has different options of entertainment aimed at pleasing everyone. 

Cruises put so much preparation into making sure everyone is catered for, from spas, casinos, live entertainment, cinemas, swimming pools, sports courses and pretty much everything and anything you can think of. 

I was dreading my day at sea when I boarded my cruise as I assumed I’d get bored rather quickly, but I had nothing to worry about as it flew by. Not a single second of that day was wasted. 

Less Planning
If like me, you like a well planned holiday but hate doing any actual planning then a cruise is definitely for you. 

You pick a cruise, book it and go. And once on your cruise, you can book excursions each time you arrive at a new port meaning you see the best of each city without having to do a thing. 

See Places You’d Never See
If you have a place on your bucket list you’d love to travel to, but either wouldn’t want to spend a long amount of time there or unsure about travelling to a certain location, a cruise is the way to do it. 

Spending one day in a city with a cruise will take the hassle out of travel as a cruise will usually port in major cities and quiet beautiful villages. Tours will run to all major attractions and you won’t have to spend time planning trips to places you’re uncomfortable visiting alone.

Perfect For Couples/Families/Solo Travellers
As already mentioned, cruises cater to everyone in terms of entertainment. But they’re also perfect for all travellers. From couples, families and solo travellers, cruises are perfect for pretty much everyone. 

Couples can enjoy much needed time together, a relaxing spa day, a sit down evening meal, enjoy a show together, dance into the evening and stroll around a romantic village during the day. All for one price. 

Families can enjoy a wide range of family activities onboard to keep the little ones happy while the parents sit back and relax a drink, and some cruise lines even offer ‘Kids go free’ passes meaning you can find a holiday for the whole family at an accommodating price. 

Solo travellers can enjoy the safety and security of travelling and make some friends along the way. At dinner solo travellers can dine with like minded travellers, you’ll meet new friends from all around the world. It’s been known for couples to meet on cruises too, so always be on the look out for Mr/Mrs right. 

Have you been on a cruise? 
How was it?
 Let me know in the comments below. 

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