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Interview Advent Day 10 : Hayley Anderson

12/10/2017Jake Ryan

If you don't follow Hayley Anderson on Instagram you're majorly missing out. Hayley is a 20 something traveller from Australia who takes the most amazing travel photos. Through growing a large audience on Instagram and through her blog, Hayley has managed to turn her passion of travel and photography into a job. 

We recently asked Hayley a few questions about her travels and life.

Hey Hayley, Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I am 25 year old from Australia. I have traveled to over 30 countries over the past 2 years, 1.5 of those spent traveling in an old camper van around Europe. Been obessed with getting creative behind the lens for year and years now, with travel photography being my main hobby.

I absolutely fell in love with your photos when I first saw them, how long have you been taking photos?
Aww thank you!I have been taking photos ever since I was about 12! Havent taken it seriously up until 2 years ago though where I found my crazy passion to travel the world and share it with everyone.

Did you study photography?
Not even one class. Haha! I am completely self taught.

If you could offer some advice for someone who wants to start taking better photos, what would you say?
If you are unsure on how best to use your camera and lenses, I recommend just YouTubing a lot of tutorials. That helped me a lot!
To take better photos I would have to say, pick your time of day and know your subject. I always like having a person in my images to create a more personal touch. Learn composition! How you frame your shot is also super important!

You’ve been to some absolutely incredible destinations, do you have a favourite? 
Oh gosh so hard, I would have to say Jordan, Greece, Philippines, and Norway. Only recently did I realise how different they all are. Desert, Ocean, Tropics, and mountains :) 

What has been the most memorable experience you’ve had so far while travelling?
Seeing the Treasury of Petra for the first time! You can actually read all about it on my latest blog post ;)

How do you fund your travels?
Saved my butt off for a couple of years before I set off for the first time. Worked a little in the UK, and now I earn enough through Instagram and do a little sponsorship travel.

Has social media had an impact on your photography style?
Of course! My style changes all the time! Sometimes its hard not to let other peoples style interfere with your own. I try not to look through my feed too much anymore because it can get in my head haha! But it also can be great for inspiration for my next destination.

What advice do you have for someone who is wants to go travelling?
Have an open mind! Can not stress that enough. Learn how to budget travel also. I have become an expert! It will get you so much further!

Where do you find your inspiration?
Mostly Pinterest actually! I am a little obsessed with it I must admit. My go to when looking for any inspiration !

Other than travelling, what else makes you happy?
Family, friends and good food. 

And finally, what are you plans for the future?
No concrete plans! So many places I am yet to see, so travel is still my number 1 plan. Just not sure where next!

Thanks Hayley for taking the 
time to talk to TravelFoodFilm

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All photos in this post belong to Hayley Anderson 

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