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How To Spend A Day In Bruges

2/17/2018Jake Ryan

I recently visited Bruges for a few days, however while Bruges is a beautiful and interesting place. You can easily see the best of the city in a day mixing history with fun museums, food and a stunning view across the city. 

Check my guide to how visit Bruges on a day trip. 

Get up, head out and grab yourself some breakfast. Brugge is filled with an array of options when it comes to breakfast so you definitely won’t go hungry, however I’d suggest heading down to That’s Toast. That’s Toast are an all day breakfast and toast bar and although it sounds simple, the food is incredible. 

Belfry Tower
Full belly and raring to go? Head to the Belfry (Belfort). The tower opens at 9am so a slight line may have formed, however going at this time you’ll definitely skip the huge lines you can face later in the day. The line works on a one out, one in system meaning you won’t be fighting for space at the top. 

When you get to the top, you’ll be greeted to stunning views across Bruges in every direction. 

The only problem I have with this attraction is, at the top you’re surrounded by a mesh cage meaning you don’t really get any unobstructed views at all. 

Also, be warned the climb to the top of the tower is 366 steps through a narrow single use staircase meaning if you’re scared of tight spaces this might not be for you as you spend a lot of time waiting for someone coming in the opposite direction. 
Friet Museum 
Time for a museum. Now would you even be in Belgium if you didn’t head straight to a French Fries museum? 

That’s right, we’re heading to the Freit Museum. A museum dedicated to the bloody potato. That’s when you truly know you’re in Bruges. 

Yes, the museum could offer so much more than it currently does, such as tasing different types of potatoes, more videos and just more interactive activities. But for the €7 you pay, you certainly can have some fun and can learn a lot about the origin of fries if that’s something you’ve always desired. I personally found it a silly but fun way to spend an afternoon. 

You can spend as much time in the museum as you wish, however it isn’t a large museum so you won’t find yourself spending hours here. You can probably easily see everything you want to see in an hour, meaning you can then head down to the bottom floor for some lunch. The bottom floor of the museum is a cafe where you can get a variety of options, including of course French Fries (with a discount coupon that you receive on entry) 

Canal Ride. 
The best way to see Bruges beautiful buildings is by boat, and you can find countless places to purchase a ticket to a canal ride around the city. 

A 30 minute canal ride costs €8 and you’ll be whisked up and down the canals being treated to stunning views of the city. 

The only problem with these trips are that you’re all crammed in to one tiny boat. I was lucky enough to get a back seat meaning I got a little more room than most but if you’re mid boat, be sure to space out before the next person sits down or you’ll find yourself struggling to move. 

2:00  (taking into account waiting time for the boat)
Grab A Hot Chocolate
If you’re visiting during the colder months, you’ll be ready for a hot chocolate right about now. If you’re visiting during the summer months, you need one anyway!

You need to head to the Chocolate Crown. This small chocolate shop offers incredible chocolate options but I only went for one thing, THE HOT CHOCOLATE. 

For €2.50 I got one of the nicest hot chocolates I have ever had in my entire life. Definitely worth the visit for the hot chocolate alone. 

The shop doesn’t have seating, so take your hot chocolate to go and stroll the streets nearby admiring the wonderful buildings, pretty canals and many, many other chocolate shops. 

OYYAAAAA is what I kept shouting throughout the day, after seeing photos of Oyya Waffle Bar on Instagram. I just had to try this placee. 

And you can always personalise your waffles, as I didn’t see an option to add ice cream but asked anyway and this wasn’t a problem at all. 

For €5 I got myself a waffle, covered in Oreo Ice Cream and white chocolate and it tasted so good. So good that I didn’t even notice it had started melting all over my camera. :(

After eating for pretty much the entire day, you can take some time to relax. So head to the park and take a stroll around the tranquil green gardens. 

The Groeningemuseum is a museum built on the medieval Eekhout Abbey. The museum costs only €8 for entry and has a great range of paintings from the 1500’s.

I’d recommend getting yourself an audioguide to really get to grips with what you’re witnessing. 

Have you visited Bruges? 
What did you spend your day doing? 

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