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Exploring Washington DC In An Electric Cart.

3/04/2018Jake Ryan

During my time in Washington D.C, I decided to head out on a couple of tours around the city as my time in D.C was limited. Being a big fan of a night tour (most cities come alive at night) so I booked onto a ‘Capitol Hill and DC Monuments tour by Electric Cart’ rather late in the afternoon meaning our tour started in the day, we watched sunset and ended in darkness. 

I was expecting the trip to be a little silly but worried it may be rather bland where we would just drive around and see the sites and move on. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised, we were greeted by our tour guide and the Electric Cart. Our guide was fun, energetic and informative. 

The cart is what you’d expect to find at a golf course, meaning that the tour is a small personal tour. This was great as it meant we could adapt the tour to suit the group we were with. The guide always give us the option of spending longer at one place, and we would just decide between the 5 of us on the tour were we would spend more time. 

The cart is also open air, meaning you can actually dangle your arms out the side to get the best shots (although you’ll be told not to)

During your time on the tour you’ll get to see the best of DC including the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument among many, many others. 

If you’re looking for a fast, fun way to see Washington DC then be sure to book a place on this tour. 

You can book with Viator here 

Have you taken a tour using Electric Carts? 

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