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4 Tours To Take From Las Vegas

6/04/2018Jake Ryan

If you're booking a trip to Las Vegas this year, you'll be spoilt for choice with things to do. However don't be fooled into thinking you're contained to just Las Vegas. You can book countless tours that take you outside Vegas getting you to some of the most amazing sites in the States. 

I've put together 4 of my favourite tours to take from Las Vegas. 

1 - Pop To LA
You can head to LA from Las Vegas as part of a day trip tour that allows you to see the best of LA all in one day. 

The one day guided tour from Vegas which is a 14 hour round trip tour of LA. Collecting you from your hotel you’ll take to the roads and be in LA before you know it.

During the tour you get to stop at locations such as Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Strip and stop in the Hollywood Hills giving you an incredible view of the Hollywood sign. 

The tour passes countless other famous landmarks and lunch is included. 

Book your ticket here 

2 - Visit The Grand Canyon
One of the greatest sights to see in the world, the Grand Canyon National Park should be on every single travel bucket list. 

Located in Arizona you can book onto countless tours to see the Grand Canyon, all offering something a little different. 

Some of the options are 

Which ever tour you decide to take you absolutely will not be disappointed by the beauty of the Canyon. 

I'd recommend booking onto one of the longer tours as you'll want to spend as much time possible at the canyon. 

3 - Explore Area 51 
This full day tour of Area 51 takes you from Las Vegas to Area 51. This is a tour of the worlds most top secret military facility and is home of TV shows such as the X Files. 

You get a viewing of the secret Janet Airlines, an airline that doesn’t exist? An airline based at Las Vegas airport that transports workers each day to the apparently ‘closed and abandoned’ Area 51. 

During the start of your tour you’ll get to see famous sites such as Joshua Tree Forest, Extraterrestrial Highway, Little A’le’ Inn. Little A’le’ Inn is famous for starring in many movies including Independence Day. You’ll enjoy lunch here as part of the tour before heading on again to more sites such as the Black Mailbox location before arriving at the perimeter of Area 51. 

This is the tour to make your friends jealous as not many people will be able to say they’ve visited Area 51. 

4 - Be wowed by the Hoover Dam
If you didn’t book a Grand Canyon tour that feature the Hoover Dam, then be sure to head out there on the Ultimate Hoover Dam tour. 

This 6 hour all inclusive tour from Las Vegas takes you out to the Hoover Dam to learn about the history and mechanics of the Dam. You’ll explore the visitor centre before taking a tour of the power plant. This tour on Viator is one of the only tours which includes a ‘Walk on the Top’. 

The Hoover Dam really is a site to see and you can be sure you’ll want to see it if you’re visiting Las Vegas. 

You can book your tour HERE

Are you planning a trip to Vegas. 
Will you be doing any of the above tours? 

This post contains affiliate links which means if you book anything through the links I will receive a % of sales. This does not affect the cost of your ticket and all opinions remain my own. 

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