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Getting around Singapore Using and Duck & Hippo Tours

8/26/2018Jake Ryan

During my time spent in Singapore recently I teamed up with Duck and HiPPO to explore the city in a unique way. 

I got to experience both the Duck Tour and the Singapore 7 Hop on - Hop off 24 hour ticket. 

Duck Tour.
The Duck Tour is a 1 hour tour taken in a refurbished WWII vehicle from Vietnam for this different approach to sightseeing in Singapore. The tour starts by taking you around the Civic district and then drives straight into the harbour, that’s right the bus goes straight from land to water as you make your way up Marina Bay. 

As you make your way up Marina Bay you’ll spot some of Singapores most famous landmarks. Starting with Marina Bay Sands hotel. You’ll also catch glimpses of Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion and other popular Singapore spots. 

After circling back and heading back to land you’ll make your way back to the Civic District and catch a view of the Fountain of Wealth. 

The tour passes quickly and the views from the water are great, however it can be at times difficult to hear the tour guide as the vehicle is so loud. The tour guide did her best to make sure everybody could hear her though and would often check in with those at the back.

This won’t be a super educational tour of Singapore, but it is a fun way to see the city for an hour and with over 15 million visitors to date they’re obviously doing something right. 

HiPPO Bus. 
The Singapore 7, Hop on Hop off bus offers 24,48 and 72 hour passes. The bus offers the tour of Singapore in 12 languages with headphones available when you get on. With 7 lines to choose from, you’ll easily be able to head to your destination of choice in Singapore using HiPPO. 

The open top bus zips you around the vibrant city and you can hop on and off at any stop, jumping between the 7 lines, a ticket for HiPPO allows you to enjoy Singapore at your own pace. 

We collected our tickets for the HiPPO bus while waiting for our Duck Tour to arrive, which meant we lost out on an hour as your ticket is valid for 24/48/72 hours from the moment it’s printed. We were visiting during National Day Weekend which means a lot of the roads around Marina Bay were to be closed off, which meant the busses would have to re route and miss a lot of stops from 2pm. 

After disembarking from our Duck tour we realised just how many stops were to be missed and that we wouldn’t actually be able to enjoy the busses, we asked the same guy who had printed our ticket an hour earlier if we could cancel our ticket (we even showed him our Duck ticket so he could see we hadn’t used the bus ticket) so that we could use it the next day instead as half of the  stops weren’t going to be available (and our ticket was going to run out at 11am the next day so we wouldn’t be able to use it much the next day either). However unfortunately he refused as no reprinting can be issued. Lesson learnt, only redeem your ticket if you’re absolutely sure you’re ready to use it. 

Because of the impending road closures we only managed to use the bus once to head from the Suntec Centre to Marina Bay area.

Because of this I can’t really comment on the bus tour, all I can say is that the open top really does allow you to get some great views of Singapore and capture some great photographs of the city. It also allows you to get out of the humidity and enjoy the breeze as the wind hits your hair. It’s just a shame I was able to enjoy the tour to its full potential. 

If you book the Duck and HiPPO together online you can save $7 and pay SG$77 per person for both tours. 

You can book your tickets here - Duck and HiPPO

I partnered with Duck and HiPPO for this post, 
however all opinions are entirely my own. 

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