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Exploring Cambodia With Urban Adventures Siem Reap

8/28/2018Jake Ryan

I joined Siem Reap Urban Adventures recently during my time in Cambodia. 

We arrived at 8am at the meet up point and met our guide for the day, Mr Vantha. Vantha was extremely friendly and explained what was going to be happening for the day. We were assigned a Tuk Tuk each (every 2 people got their own tuk tuk which was great as it meant you were not all crammed in together like I noted on other tours I saw passing) and off we went. 

The plan for the day was 
  • Use local transport to get around. Remork (tuk tuk) and local boat
  • Explore a floating fishing village on Tonle Sap Lake
  • Explore a local village and market 
  • Visit a Buddhist Monastery
  • Enjoy local snacks/food

We started off in our tuk tuk and headed straight to a popular local market. The market was huge selling everything from fresh fruit and flowers to fish and meat. The people at the market are extremely friendly and Mr Vantha did a great job of exploring the different local foods that were on offer and even purchased a few for us all to try. 

After this we headed to the Buddhist Monastery. This was such a unique and exciting area to explore. Watching a Buddhist blessing was such a unique experience and a pleasure to witness. 

We then jumped back in the tuk tuks and drove out to Tonle Sap Lake to take a tour of the fishing village by boat. The boat ride lasted about 20/30 minutes as we got to see the incredible floating villages up close. This is something worth experiencing, to see this way of life in person is an absolute must for your time in Cambodia. 

After this you’ll head back to the centre of Siem Reap stopping along the way to sample some more local Cambodian treats. I especially enjoyed the Sugar Cane Water. 

All in all this was a great day, I throughly enjoyed my time with Urban Adventures. If you’re looking to explore something other than the famous temples of Cambodia then this is definitely the tour for you. 

Lasting roughly 5 hours, this tour is good value for money costing $45 USD. Our guide had a fountain of knowledge when it came to Cambodia and it’s history and was happy to answer any questions we had for him during the day. 

You can find the tour on their website HERE 

You can find a collection of all their tours HERE 

I partnered with Siem Reap Urban Adventures for this tour. 
However all opinions are entirely my own. 

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