What To Wear At The Airport

8/29/2018Jake Ryan

Deciding what to wear to the airport is a pretty important decision. Not because you have to be incredibly fashionable, but more because you have to be incredibly comfortable. 

Depending on where you’re travelling you could be sat on a plane for more than half your day. This was the case for me recently when I flew to Singapore from London on a 12 and a half hour flight. 

I teamed up with BooHoo Man to make sure I was comfortable for the journey using their Mens Airport Range -

I recently saw a post on Facebook that said “Airports are my favourite place, you can drink at 8am, eat as much food as you like and wear sweat pants during it all” and it’s so true. Everybody  is excited for their holiday and wants to have a good time, but also at the same time be comfortable.  For as long as I can remember I would wear skinny jeans for my flights and would get off the plane unable to feel my legs. However I have now transitioned to sweat pants. 

So my suggestions for what to wear at the airport is simple. WEAR WHAT YOU FIND COMFORTABLE. A few tips I would suggest though 

1 - Wear your jacket. Jackets are big heavy items for your luggage and will wrinkle, I would suggest throwing it on to the airport or carrying it over your arm if you are too warm. 

2 - Take a nice bag that is easy to navigate through the airport. Regardless of if you choose a carry on case or a holdall, make sure it’s something you can move easily from check in to terminal etc. I tend to opt for a carry on case, however I tried out BooHoo Mans Weekend Holdall (here). The bag comes with a shoulder strap so it was easy enough to throw over my shoulder and looked great too. I found the bag to be great for what I needed for a carry on. 

3 - Wear a hat. This is just a tip to stop your hat getting ruined in your luggage. Throw it on your head. Use it to shield your eyes while you sleep. 

4 - Wear comfortable shoes. You could be sat in these shoes for hours so you want to make sure they’re comfortable. I always opt for my converse as I know these don’t cause me any discomfort. 

5 - Match comfort with style. Be sure to wear something you can easily move around in, feel comfortable falling asleep in, gives you space to breathe but also looks good. I wore BooHoo Man’s Skinny Fit Funnel Tracksuit (here), so I’d look good but feel good too. 

The best thing about BooHoo Man’s airport shop is that you can be comfortable but stylish at the same time. I partnered with BooHoo man for this post, however as always opinions are entirely my own. 

Shop the entire airport range here

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