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Interview Advent Day 1 : Brock DeHaven

12/01/2017Jake Ryan

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and found an account that immediately gave you 'Feed Envy'? That's exactly what happened when I found the account of photographer Brock DeHaven. 

Brock is a photographer from LA and we put a few questions to him about his photography. 

Check out what Brock had to say. 

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Hi! My name is Brock DeHaven and I am a photographer and creative consultant based out of Los Angeles with a love for menswear, travel and the outdoors. I grew up in New Jersey, went to high school in Boulder, Colorado and now go to school out here in Southern California. 

I absolutely love your photography, how long have you been shooting for?
Thanks so much! I took a year off between high school and college 3 years ago and that is when I really started to get out and shoot. 

Did you study photography?
I did not! I learned from just going out and shooting as much as possible during my GAP year. 

What equipment do you use?
I actually just use my iPhone. My very first pictures on my feed are from my iPhone 4, and I have gone through each generation to get to the iPhone 7, which is what I use now. The photos on my feed of myself are from photographers different DSLRs, but all of my own work is iPhone based. 

You have such a unique style, is keeping to a ‘theme’ important to you on social media?
Definitely. My social media and the work that I put out there is a creative expression of what I see, so I want that style to be portrayed through a more curated experience. 

Has social media changed your photography style at all?
As much as I would like to say no, it is definitely hard to ignore everything that I see.  Through social media I have been exposed to ways to capture moments and edit photos that better align with the final image I have in my head- so it has definitely inspired my work. 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into photography?
Just get out and shoot as much as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and ask them to grab a coffee and shoot. I would say try and meet as many people as you can in the creative industry. Opportunities arise from talent, but they are more often presented through connections you’ve made, so I would recommend to put yourself out there as much as possible. Also, be authentic and true to yourself. Don’t feel like you have to shoot a certain way or copy what style is popular on Instagram right now. As long as you work hard, and develop your craft, the right people will begin to notice over time. 

Is photography how you make your living?
It is not. I am actually a full- time student athlete, so that takes up about 90% of my time. It is an income stream for me, but it is not how I make a living. 

What else do you love?
I love tennis ( I play in school), I love to ski, I love yoga,  I love to cook, I love to travel, I love to hike, I love new experiences and meeting new people.

Where do you find your inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from so many channels in my life, but mainly from traveling, meeting new people and having new experiences. On a day to day basis, I draw inspiration from creating moodboards for projects and looking at the work of a variety of photographers and other creatives through websites like Tumblr. In terms of people- my parents and their work ethic and selflessness is inspiring to me. 

And finally, what do you have planned for the future? 
I have three more semesters left at school and after that, I plan on leveraging all the work I am doing right now and traveling the world and working as a freelance creative for however long I can. If there comes a time where I have to settle down into a real job (which I hope there is not), I would love to work within the advertising department at Nike, or start my own agency. 

Thanks to Brock for taking the time to speak to 
TravelFoodFilm for our 'Interview Advent' 

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