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Interview Advent Day 8 : Sam Horine

12/08/2017Jake Ryan

Sam Horine is an incredible photographer from New York. When I first discovered his work I was amazed by this unique style and various styles of photo. From his incredible crisp close ups of the city to his outstanding drone shots, his style has impressed hundreds of thousands and his Instagram following alone has grown to over half a million followers. 

I recently asked Sam a few questions about his photography and time in New York. 

Hey Sam, your photos are absolutely stunning, how long have you been taking photos?
I've been shooting on and off for 20 years or so now, working as a photographer exclusively for the last 10.

What do you shoot with?
I primarily shoot with a Canon 5D mk4, but have been creating a lot of work on an iPhone as well since instagram became a thing.

Do you spend much time on the edit?
I try and speed through them as quickly as possible honestly.  I do love the editing process but i'm not the type to spend hours masking and cloning an image.

When I look through your photos, it makes me want to take better photos. So what advice do you have for someone who is interested in getting started in photography? 
Shoot as much as you can, work hard to figure out your style and don't be afraid to try new things and evolve by taking on new personal and professional challenges 

Living in New York, do you find it difficult to photograph the city from a perspective that hasn’t been overused?
Not really, New York is always changing, whether that's seasonally of physically it's always a new adventure to go out and shoot in the city. 

What is your favourite thing about living in New York?
The people 

Describe what Christmas is like for you in New York?
Usually we take off and go out of town for the holidays, last year we were in New Orleans and the year before Montreal.

Does much planning go into your photos? Or is it more luck on the day? 
Here's the thing, you should really plan as much as you can and then take that idea and adapt to whatever get's thrown at you - some idea is better than no idea but sometimes spontaneity is the best friend of inspiration. 

I see you’ve done some travelling, where is your favourite place you’ve been to?
People always ask me that and i never really have a specific place - sometimes the road is more important than the destination.  that being said, i just got back form my second trip to japan and i'm still really feeling that place.

My favourite photo of yours is the photo you uploaded from Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, do you have a favourite photo of your own? And why?
That was a great morning, and actually a great example of planning and then adapting to circumstance. We had somehow found a last minute reservation on the boat that went out to the volcano and drove out there at 3am to catch the boat and there was no one there, they had cancelled the trip sometime during the night and never told us so we had this great plan that went out the window and as it turns out there was one boat that was going out and for whatever reason 2 people were no shows and i was able to book the last two seats on the spot.

Has growing a large social media following brought any exciting opportunities your way? 
Yes of course, it's always a great joy to connect with people who have been passionately following the work for years 

As a youngster, what did you dream of doing? 
When I was little i actually thought i'd be a palaeontologist. 

And finally, what are your plans for the future? 
Keep making photos, build the business bigger and keep evolving as an artist. I'm looking to get more into video as well as build out a studio space.  

Thanks Sam for taking the time 
to speak to TravelFoodFilm

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All photos in this post belong to Sam. 

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